Thursday, October 19, 2017

Some Recent Creations

This spring and summer I made a few quiet book pages to add to my niece's book.
First I did an eensy weensy spider page...

The spider and raindrops slide up and down the drain and the cloud folds down to reveal a sun.

Next I made a sock matching/laundry basket page...
The socks attach with velcro.

And finally, a woodlandish creature page

Each creature's home flips around (on magnets sewn into the felt) to "hide" the animal.
This was my favorite one to do :)

As summer approached, I started noticing painted rocks on Pinterest.
I thought it looked like a fun activity to do with the kids while they were out of school.
I gathered supplies and started experimenting.
 These were my first few attempts...

As I kept looking around on Pinterest I saw many examples of this type of art (dotilism) done on canvas.  These are mini canvases...canvi...I should have put my hand in the picture to compare size.
I think they are3-5 inches square.
I had a lot of fun with this and the kids each joined me temporarily...Matt the most...but none of them enjoyed it as much as I did.
This eventually led to the vision and creation of my Christmas ornament for the year.
I have never had my ornaments done before's rather a good feeling :)
I will share them with you later.

Three years ago I gave Abby a bunch of fox flannel to make a quilt.
It took us a while but we finally finished it!
I taught her how to cut out the blocks and she did almost all of the sewing as well.
I went ahead and quilted and bound it.

This is the back

We are both very happy to have it finished and on her bed to cuddle up with!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Kidd Camp 2017

Our first Kidd Campout without Grandpa.
We only went up for one evening but the clouds were beautiful, my camera had some weird color issues going on and I think I must have had a fingerprint on the lens because pretty much every picture is blurry.
Ah well...




Maggie and Angie Visits

Over the last couple of months we've had two lovely visits from our Oregonian cuties!

Little Maggie is growing up so fast and is such a joy to be around!
She really keeps everyone hopping though :)


One of the kids' favorite activities was to jump from the steps onto the bean bag...apparently, sometimes, with someone under the beanbag as well :)

Lots of time was spent at Grandma's house but they also came and hung out at our house a couple of times.  With Ben on his anti aggression meds, he was able to peacefully coexist with Maggie.

We also spent some time in the great outdoors...

Angie and Maggie and I went to a bouncy place one rainy day.  Maggie requires a lot of wiggle time and when outside is not an option something else must be found :)

It was so fun to have them around for a while!