Thursday, February 4, 2016

Prepare Yourself for Cuteness!

I was finally able to meet my super cute niece from New Hampshire!
She and her parents came out for several days and it was such a joy to have them.
This is sweet, little Maggie...

Isn't she a doll?!

The morning after they arrived I snuck away to my parents' house to play 
while all the kids were in school. 

I had to get that shot on the left of the back of her curly little head!

You would never guess that this
little lady is adopted since her hair
matches my sister's perfectly.

That same evening the rest of the family got to come out and meet her too. 

The kids were so excited to see her.  This is their first cousin on my side of the family.

Matt claimed that he had never, ever held a baby before, not even Ben, 
so he called dibs on holding her first :)

She was so good natured through all of the passing around...
and then Andy got a hold of her...

She warmed up after a bit...

While we entertained Maggie (or rather, she entertained us) Angie spent some time with Ben.

To Be Continued...

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Post Christmas with the Bryans 2015

We really struggled trying to figure out what to give Andy's parents for Christmas.
They are currently on a full time mission at the Park City Family Tree Center so we wanted to do something that had to do with family history.
A good friend gave us an idea and we tweaked it a little bit (mostly just added to it).

Andy spent hours on the computer and created family history placemats for them.

One side has their fan chart on it...

...and the back has "Grandma's Pie" which shows what countries their ancestors are from.
Andy also added pictures of more recent progenitors and notes on notable people in the family history.

They turned out great and were a big hit!

We weren't the only ones that went with the tree theme :)
My cute sister in law Jenny bought tree hugger shirts and tree pajama pants for both of them.

It was perfect and so very clever :)

This was a nice shot of all the Bryan men.

The kids and adults played so many games over the several days that we were there.

 Ben's cousins are so good to him...not to mention patient!

The women started gathering for Favorite Things and drew quite a crowd...

This is always a 'favorite' part of the Bryan Christmas gathering.
I gave my favorite gel highlighters and small bottles of awesome chocolate lotion that Andy has given to be in my stocking the last couple of years.  I also had a bunch of spoons left over so I let them each choose one of them as well.  

Many fun things were given but we all agreed that Jenny out did everyone.
She, with the help of her husband, put these beautiful wood sign together in just a few days.
We were all amazed!
Each one fit our personalities perfectly.
Mine is the bottom middle one.  It says "Bind my Wandering Heart to Thee".
I absolutely love it!

Ben spent most of his time playing with trains and on his iPad.
He had a seizure cluster as we traveled to Park City and finished it off that night so he was good to go for several more days.  It was nice to not have to worry about it the rest of our time there.

New Year's Eve Jenny and Mike set up "Pie Face" for us.
We all gathered around the table and took turns sitting in front of the cream slinging hand :)

Josh couldn't be talked into doing it while I was around but after I went up to sit with a sleeping Ben I was told he took a couple of turns :)

On New Year's Day we cleaned and packed up and then stopped by the Tree Center on our way out.
It was the kids and my first time that grammatically correct?

 I've decide that Abby is the queen of silly faces in pictures :)

Ben was quite a handful running around all over the place but we are so glad we stopped by.
It was such a joy to see Merill and Nancy serving in this way.
They are such good people...I couldn't ask for better in-laws!

Goodbye Park's always a pleasure :)