Friday, November 9, 2018

Massachusetts Part 5

Sunday morning I found wild turkeys on the lawn...
and Angie left us to go home :(

I don't really have many pictures of Sunday but we went to church in Pittsfield.
I had the strongest impression to bare my testimony...I didn't want to but it was undeniable so I did.

After church I think I read in my pretty little room and took a nap.
That evening we went over to the Birrells for a meal of leftovers and games.
It was nice and relaxed.  T and her brother and sister-in-law had all flown home earlier as well so our numbers were diminished...but we had fun anyway :)

I took these pictures later that evening when James was trying to learn how to floss and then taught Jo everything he knew.
I was it this night or the one before when we were all in the kitchen and Mom gasped and pointed to a cute little mouse in front of the sink.  He barely moved when we tried to scare him away so we think he must have gotten into some poison or something and was barely alive.  Dad took care of him :(

Monday morning as we were packing and cleaning up I had to step out my back door and say farewell to my hydrangeas...

T had told us that one of her favorite places to eat in her little town was Haven cafe so we went there for lunch...

this was James' carrot cake...check out the depth of that frosting!

My hot chocolate...

...and veggie burrito with a yummy side of fries.
I think I will forever be getting a side of fries with all my meals :)

This was a beautiful old church we saw on our way to...

...the Guid's for the last time.
That place truly was a highlight of our trip!

It was such a beautiful drive to the airport!
The day was gray and drizzly.
I really loved all the tiny, crumbling cemeteries we passed by...there were so many.
On his way to take Angie to the airport, James had spied this covered bridge so we made sure we stopped and checked it out...

Late afternoon we started our long journey home.
It was quite a long day but we made it home safe and sound.
Dad dropped me off at my front door at ten minutes to two in the morning.

What a wonderful I will always treasure!
If I could make Utah look like the East as far as greenery and such, I would...but I would have to keep our mountains too, so basically, I want Switzerland :)

And that is the end of my Massachusetts story!

Massachusetts Part 4

***Picture Overload Post***

Saturday we had another lazy morning and then went over to the Birrell's to be present for part of the 'Get Pretty Party'.  We had done our own hair and makeup but wanted to hang out a little bit with all the ladies.
Then we drove up to Hancock Shaker Village and shivered outside the barn for pictures...

I love this sequence of pictures with the chicken running in front of us...

Lots of Bridesmaids :)

I love this picture of us girlies...

Of course I had to get pictures of the boutonnieres, corsages and bouquets...

We met lots of wonderful people that are important to the Birrells.
Some cute kids were among them :)

On one of Jo's first visits out to Massachusetts while he and T were dating he met this little guy at church and ended up giving him his he wore it that night.  He calls Jo "JoJordan" :)

This couple's daughter actually married my good friend's nephew last year! 
That was a fun connection!

The barn looked beautiful!


Ring ceremony...

Bishop Heath briefly explained Jo and T's sealing in the temple that took place in June...

Then they each said a few words...

...and exchanged rings

Jo and T met on a rock climbing trip so I thought the little favors at the tables were cute!

Delicious food!

Funny story about the woman who's home we stayed in...
That first night after hearing from Jen that this woman was a lawyer in New York, James started to put some pieces together.  8 or so years ago he visited New York with some friends and stayed with a couple that was in one of the guy's mission presidency.  They got to know them a bit and James was almost positive this was the same woman.
T.J., Jo's other best man, had been on that same trip so when she came to the reception and we met her they related to her the experience and she remembered.
I don't know if any of that made sense, but in a nutshell, it's a small world :) 

I met Sarah's mom and here we are showing her our own ring exchange :)
The night before, Sarah had told me she liked my ring and suggested we we did!

Jo and T danced to Annie's Song by John Denver...

Then the D.J. surprised T and said that her grandfather had requested a dance.
They danced to It's a Wonderful World

It was very sweet!

Then, T and her dad had their dance...
a jazzed up version of Itsy Bitsy Spider...

...and then everyone was invited onto the dance floor.

It was so fun to see my dad dance!
He was a great sport and was out there for a while.

Of course James was out there and Angie danced several as well...

Jo and Mark had a moment...

T was dancing with one of her bridesmaids and Jen had a friend on the floor as well...

Ha!  So goofy!

I finally put my inhibitions aside and got out there as well!
I had Sarah take these pictures of the only moment our whole family has ever been dancing together!
Mom and Angie and I are wearing Sarah's scarves that she has named and likes to take places with her :)  We were very honored to have been given the privilege!

What a night!  The barn had been super chilly but after dancing for so long we were all pretty warmed up.  It was a really lovely evening where lots of memories were made.