Thursday, July 17, 2014

Kidd Camp 2014

For as long as I can remember, my mom's side of the family, the Kidds, have always had a campout in July.  Many fond memories have developed from the Kidd camp over the years and it's fun to now have my kids sharing in that experience.
The last few years we have been going to a beautiful little site that overlooks the whole valley.
Sometimes we camp one night with our kids and sometimes we don't.
This was a time that we didn't so we just drove the short distance both evenings to spend time with everyone.
I think it was the day before or maybe even the day of that Grandma Kidd ended up going to the ER because of some severe pains.  She ended up "camping" in the hospital and we missed her and Grandpa terribly.

The first evening, Ben was easy and was content to just sit with Grandpa or do his iPad

Preparing dinner...

I apologize for the rest of my pictures.  Most of them seem to be blurry.

Mom gave a wonderful program the first night on our family history complete with pictures and stories.

Matt pondering on the view of the valley below.

The next evening we went up and Ben was in heaven in the blow up pool.  Thanks Amber for providing made his night!
(no pictures since my hands were busy keeping him from drowning :)
To get him out we had to literally drag him out with the promise of popcorn.
A little bit more of a challenging evening than the one before :) but I had a lot of help from everybody and he was very happy so it was okay.

With the help of Aunt Norma, the kids put on a cute version of "The Princess and the Pea".

Then it was time for some "Minute to Win It".
Mom flung that shoe on the table in record time.

Josh literally got his on the table on the very last second!

It's a little bit harder with tennis shoes :)

Andy and Abby tried out Uncle Jo's hammock.

And then I had Andy take Ben home (we drove separately for this very purpose) so they could get to bed and the rest of the kids and I stayed up to play our new favorite game...Ligretto..or Dutch Blitz, or Pounce or Nertz...whatever you want to call it :)

Uncle James has such long arms and always wins this game so we made him sit the farthest from the piles of cards :)

Abby didn't want her picture taken (hmmm...sound familiar Mom?) 

Thank you Abby :)

The Fourth

We decided last minute to spend the 4th with Andy's family.
We couldn't decide if we should go because of a few things but my main concern was that Ben was due for one of his clusters (they come weekly now) and it's just easier to deal with the seizures at home.
But, I finally just decided that we could be spontaneous and I'm so glad we went.

It wouldn't be a weekend at Grandma's house without the 4 wheeler train.

Andy rode a bike along side...

I'm not sure what Ben and Austin are communicating here :)

The boys also rode along side...

It also wouldn't be a weekend at Grandma's without playing in the waterfall...

Thanks again for these great pictures Jenny!

We also need to have a production put on by the kids each time...

After the play we were debating whether or not we should go try and catch the fireworks.  It was almost time for them to start and we knew the traffic would be bad so most of us opted out.  I'm glad our family didn't end up going because Ben started his cluster shortly thereafter.

Ben found Grandma's collection of rubber ducks the next morning and had to line them all up... order by type.
Got all his ducks in a row :)

Then Grandpa and the kids went to the stream to have a rubber duck race...

They didn't move quite as fast as we were expecting.

Here's Dad downstream with the butterfly net ready to snatch those swift duckies out of the water.
Mostly they just got caught in the rocks and weeds and things but it was a fun experiment anyway :)

A fast but pleasant holiday weekend!