Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Halloween 2017

 This year for Halloween Josh wanted to be an escaped convict...

Abby and I finally came up with "A Pig in a Blanket"

Matt just wanted a green morph suit...wasn't really anything in particular...

And Andy had found an inflatable T-Rex on clearance in July and kept it a secret from the kids until Halloween morning.

They got a kick out of it :) 

About the only favorite characters of Ben's that he hasn't been for Halloween yet were Mater and Elmo.
I have yet to see a Mater costume that I think looks good so that left me with Elmo.  I decided to go super easy...for my benefit and his.

We were able to go visit Grandma O. after school...

 Mom and Dad came over for dinner as usual during the trick or treating fun.
Andy redonned his costume for them.
He even went out around the neighborhood for a while and posed with several children at the request of their parents.
 Mom is always good to bring the root beer and dry ice...Josh's favorite :)
The kids are old enough that they pretty much go and do their own thing with their friends so it was kind of a quiet but enjoyable night.

Abby's Finally a Teenager!

I say 'finally' because it seems like she has been one for a long more ways than one.

Abby's always been a good girl and so very helpful around the house.  She's always willing to help out with Ben when I need it.

She's also a great friend and has a super fun personality that sometimes gets a little out of control ;)

I think she's really loving the added sociality that middle school offers her.
She's talented and a great student.

We're awfully proud to be her parents! 

Abby wanted a phone but I told her I was only willing to get her an old style flip phone so that she can contact us...and we can get a hold of her.
She reluctantly agreed that one of those would be better than no phone at all.
I think she's been pretty happy with it.

The next night we celebrated with James since it was his birthday too.

Sweet Music

The kids had their fall piano recital...

 They all did a fantastic job and I'm proud of them :)

I had fun making my annual caramel apples again this year...

It's a full day production and my feet end up pretty tired but I love the end result!

I tried to add up the calories this time since I'm currently counting mine.
I ended up having to do a round about figure because of the different toppings and sizes of apples.
I think it ended up being around 1200 for a small one and 1400 for a large.

It's fun to give them to Andy's student teachers.
They're always very appreciative and complementary.
It makes the effort worth it :)

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Matt is 11!

My sweet Matt turned 11 in October.
Here are some pictures from a couple of his celebrations...

It was fun to have Maggie and Angie there...

...and Jo and T (and everyone else too :)

Matt asked for a ripstick.

I love this guy!
One of my very favorite things about Matt is that he is so friendly!
He is kind to everyone.
He also has a fantastic sense of humor :)

Monday, November 13, 2017

Walk A Thon/ Arrow of Light/ Humphers

This was our elementary school's annual Walk-a-Thon...
In case you can't tell, Ben's the one wearing the helmet :)
Incidentally, we recently had him measured for a new one.  This one has become quite tight on him.  At least that means he is growing.  Most people think he's in kindergarten because of his small size.
 I think he loved having the freedom to run around.  His teacher said the first day (these are pictures of the 2nd) each time he finished going around the track he would sign "more, more!"
I tried to keep myself hidden knowing that if he saw me he would stop walking.
With just a few more laps to go though, his teacher pointed me out to him and he had me carry him around the track :)

I got pictures of Matt before...

...and after, but forgot to take any while he was running.

                   Matt received his Arrow of Light and we are very proud of him for doing that.

And lastly, we lost our beloved Humphrey PokeArt on October 1st.
Josh was usually the one to make sure he had food and water every night but that night he was already in bed when he remembered so he asked Andy to do it for him.
Andy came upstairs and gently told me that he had died :(
We don't know what happened.
We're pretty sure he was only a little under three years old which is a bit under the life expectancy of a hedgehog.  He was always well fed and watered so we are kind of at a loss as to what the cause was.  He was a cute, albeit pokey pet and such a fun little critter to have around.
It was hard telling the kids.  We waited until the 3rd to tell them since Matt's birthday was the 2nd.  I think he took it the hardest.  We all loved him though and he has been and will continue to be missed.

First Day of School & Swiss Days 2017

My 4 cuties on their way off to school...

Josh is a freshman in high school!?!?!

Abby is in 7th

Matt's in 5th grade

And Ben is now in baby :)

 The beginning of the school year always means Swiss Days is just around the corner.  Always a fun day with the Bryan girls!

One of the booths featured two of my favorite that was fun :)
This is Julie Daines and Jennifer Moore!
I love their Regency Romances.  They are both very clean writers.  I have never been disappointed in their books.  For several years now I have been rating the novels I read.  As mentioned above, I enjoy regency romances.  I also really like historical fiction and mysteries.
I love being able to recommend squeaky clean books to my family and friends so I keep track of everything, good and bad, and buy my favorites to share.
I actually started a blog a few months ago to share my findings/feelings about the books.
If you want to check it out go to Bumblebee Book Reviews.

Andy and I love this quote about those with disabilities becoming "free at last" by Elder Holland.
I bought this to put in Ben's room next to the picture I gave Andy for Christmas last year of the man holding his son with "an unclean spirit" which, in our home, we interpret as epilepsy.

Here is a rather dark, but accurate picture of all of my purchases this year!
Lots of fabric and other fun things :)