Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Flowers with Laura and Succulents

I have had such fun with flowers lately!
I have a good friend in my neighborhood who has a floral business (Flowers By Laura).
The week before Mother's day there was also a local high school dance and so she was swamped with orders and asked if I would want to help.
She taught me some basics and put me to work...continuing to teach me along the way.
These are all mother's day bouquets...didn't get pictures of dance flowers but it was fun to help with the corsages and boutineers too.

The one above right was what I put together for my own mother and the one below ended up sitting in our church that Sunday.

Since then I've also helped with a wedding or two...

 but the most absolute fun was putting together arrangements for our Stake Conference!  We were expecting Elder Wakolo from Fiji to be our visiting authority so Laura ordered a bunch of Birds of Paradise.  So FUN!  They came all tightly closed up and we learned how to gently open and spread them out...who knew? 

They were super fun to work with (albeit a bit nerve wracking since they could (and did once for me) so easily break as we opened them up).

Turns out, Elder Wakolo had something come up and was unable to attend :)
Elder Pingree came instead and was a delight!
I know he enjoyed the tropical flowers and the lei he wore on Sunday that was given to him by Abby's hula teacher :)  He joked about feeling the aloha spirit in Cache Valley.

I've also been into succulents lately!
These two sit on my front porch...

They've been fun to give as gifts...
I think it's a nice personal touch to add in a little figurine or fairy garden accent that means something to the one you're giving it to.
Abby's friend loves elephants...

my sister in law is into moons because of the meaning of her name...

and I also found some cute little hedgehogs but forgot to get a picture of them before I gifted them away.

Anyway, I found some great tins/planters at hobby lobby on sale so I've just been buying fun succulents when I see them and putting them together in fun (I'm using that word a lot) combinations.

I hope they don't die too soon...

Friday, June 15, 2018

Josh Turns 15!

 My firstborn is 15!

His birthday is on Cinco de Mayo so I've always wanted to throw him a party with that theme but this is the closest I've come so far...a pinata shaped balloon :)

He requested a bungee chair...

Look at those super long legs of his :)
I've always thought he has had very long femurs...

This guy is pretty great!
We love him so much and are proud of the young man he is and continues to become!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Sports With Matt

Once again, I am woefully behind on my little blog here.
I'm going to try and catch up on the last three months in the next couple of weeks so I can breathe easy again as it has a tendency to linger in the back of my mind when I have some catching up to do.

Sometime in the spring (I can't remember when), Matt's class had an ice skating field trip that I volunteered to help out with...

Matt loved it and was whizzing around all over the place!
I was a bit more hesitant since I had sprained my wrist earlier in the winter and didn't want to re-injure it.

At one point as I was making my way around the rink I realized I couldn't see Matt anywhere and started looking for him.  Before long I spotted a group of people surrounding someone down on the ice and I instinctively knew it would be my fearless Matt.
Sure enough, he had fallen hard and hurt his knee.  We sat out for a few minutes and then he wanted to get back out on the ice.  After just a minute or two though he was in too much pain so we went and took his skates off to rest.

We wondered if it needed to be looked at by a doctor but decided to wait and see.
It ended up being tender for a bit but healed up nicely.
Matt's been begging to go back ever since!
I think it might be a nice summer activity :)

Matt has also been involved in his semi competitive soccer team this spring...

Matt decided a while ago that this would be his last year of soccer.
He wants to take a break and maybe move on to a different sport.
He's thinking football...yikes!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

School Things

Abby has always been our little artist!
She has really enjoyed taking an art class in middle school this year.
Here are a couple of her things on display...

Josh had an exciting orchestra concert recently.
Lots of visual effects and fun songs.

It's hard to see here but for Uptown Funk they turned all the lights off and we enjoyed the movement of their many glow sticks attached to their bows, instruments and bodies :)
This is also hard to see but they did a medley of Star Wars songs and they had 4 or 5 costumed people walk down the aisle and stand in front as they played...
They ended with a 12 minute medley of Harry Potter music and had clips from all the movies playing on the screen behind them...

Afterward, kids were getting their pictures with the Star Wars characters.
I asked Josh if he wanted to but he decided he would be too embarrassed so we went out to the car.  As he was putting his cello in he changed his mind so we rushed in and he got up the courage to go ask for a picture.  I was so proud of him...in a funny way, more proud of that action of courage than  of his playing in the concert.

Every year the 5th graders do a wax museum.
Matt chose to do Davy Crockett...

He did an awesome job of memorizing his speech in English and Spanish!

Ben's class came in to see the museum and Matt was quick to go over and give him a hug.  I love that these two are in the same school again and get to see each other during their day.

That same day was Dr Seuss's Birthday and Ben's class celebrated big time.
All the teachers dressed up and they encouraged the kids to dress up as well.  I thought his cute "Go Go" shirt that they gave him for Christmas was perfect for a "costume" :)
His teacher sent me this fun picture!

She also recently did an Olympics day with the kids. 
She's such a darling teacher and always good to send pictures home :)