Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Bryans Do Oregon Part 3

Our last morning at Bella Beach, the little cafe on the corner that had been eyeing was finally open and I, along with a whole bunch of kids, went and ordered Tilamook ice cream.

All the families parted ways at that point.  Some went north, some went south and some headed home.  We were part of the northern crew.  Our goals for the day were Tilamook and Cannon Beach.
We were aware that the Tilamook factory was under construction and the visitor's center was a large, temporary structure but we wanted to go just the same.  I can't believe I didn't get any pictures while we were there.  It was absolutely packed!  Merill and Nancy had arrived just ahead of us but since traffic had been so bad on the way up they had to turn right around and head to the airport for their flight home.  I filled a basket full of yummy goodies and we contemplated getting lunch there but found out how long the wait would be and ended up getting some fast food on our way out of town.
The drive up to Cannon Beach was absolutely gorgeous!  We had never been there before and were enchanted by the scenery.  We found a place to park and ran out onto the beach. 

Ben was in heaven!  He could run as far and as fast as he wanted and we didn't stop him.

The water was cold but that didn't stop the kids from enjoying it.

Ben and I ended up sitting on the beach and throwing a tube of sunscreen back and forth between us.
It kept him pretty happy.

In this picture I am recording the sand on my phone.  As soon as we stepped onto the beach we noticed the funny sound the sand made.  It squeaked!  We have no idea what caused this phenomenon but we were fascinated by it.

Jenny and Mike's family ended up catching up to us and we were able to hang out for a bit together...
It was hard to leave Cannon Beach...a new favorite!
We drove around in the quaint, nearby communities for a bit so Jenny and I could look for souvenirs.  We didn't have much luck so we reluctantly said goodbye to the area and headed east toward Portland.
We ended up spending the night in a higher-end-than-we-are-used to hotel along with the Andrus and Callister clans.  Andy risked his life walking around downtown to find dinner for us...bless his heart!
The next morning we enjoyed a fabulous buffet breakfast at the hotel.  Then I went way out of my comfort zone and walked a couple of blocks to Voodoo Donuts for a box of delectables. They were delicious but I don't think I'll be frequenting that establishment anymore :)

The final thing I wanted to make sure we did while in Portland was go to Powell's.  I had been there as a child but had no real recollection of the famous and gargantuan book store.  Parking was a bit of a problem.  We finally found a 15 minute spot on the side of the street.  We decided to all go in and then Andy would bring Ben back out at our time limit and just start driving around town while the rest of us browsed.  Ben was a handful inside and Andy graciously took him to the car.  Matt followed since he was not too interested in the store.  Abby and Josh both found a book and I had an armful of things to purchase.  We ended up only spending about 1/2 an hour inside.  I wish we could have all enjoyed several hours in the building, but maybe it was for the best.  I would have spent way too much money :)  Our plan was to take two days driving home but once we got on our way Andy decided to just push through.  We made it home late that night exhausted but happy and full of fun memories of the beautiful Oregon coast!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

The Bryans Do Oregon Part 2

This was the beach down from our little cottage.
The kids spent some time exploring and I enjoyed a pleasant walk by myself on Sunday.

We celebrated Merill's birthday a day late.
We all gathered at their cottage to eat and have cake and ice cream.

I missed the actual moment of the candles...but you get the idea :)

Ben made himself comfortable on the floor with his iPad...

The next morning Andy took the older kids along with everyone else on a sea expedition.  We were worried about how Ben would do on the boat so I stayed at the house with him.

Our cute matriarch...

They all went and ate at Mo's afterward...

Ben and I took a stroll through the community and I had to grab some pictures of the gorgeous hydrangeas...

...and honeysuckle :)

That evening we all gathered at Merill and Nancy's again and had dinner and took a family picture.

We were only missing two grandkids in the picture...both on missions...Katie and Zach.

The next (early) morning, Matt and Andy went deep sea fishing with some of the other more adventurous group members.

Matt ended up a little green around the gills and apparently he was not the only one.  Out of the 8-10 kids that went, there were only 1 or 2 that didn't get sick and a couple of the adults' stomachs weren't too happy either.  They ended up coming back about an hour earlier than planned.  Matt said he was glad he went even though he had been so sick.

(We {those who enjoy seafood} had crab-fest for lunch that day)

That evening we all went out to eat in Depoe Bay and then we swung around by the lighthouse on the way back to Bella Beach.  Abby and Josh walked down to the black rock beach with me.

The best part about this beach is the sound the rocks make as the waves roll over them and back out to sea.  Love it!

It was the fourth of July so we all gathered again and opted for some early sparklers instead of late fireworks on the beach during high tide :)

Ben with the boys...