Monday, August 25, 2014

Wedding Crafts

One of my cute cousins got married a couple of weeks ago.
I thought these pictures of her bridesmaids trying to find the thing to hold up her dress were so cute!

We're so happy for these two.  They will be awesome together!
                     The bride and her sister came over a couple of evenings before the wedding to work on                    crafts for the reception.  We had so much fun together!...probably too much fun :)
We painted some cabinet doors as chalkboards... 

...and used my silhouette to cut out vinyl for their mailbox, (they had written a lot of letters back and forth throughout their courtship so that was kind of a theme for the reception)

and to do a fun Mr and Mrs banner.

Like I said, so much fun and so happy for the cute couple!

Blessum You!

I know it's been a while since I last posted...
I better hurry and get caught up on my life or else I'll get so far behind that I won't want to even try and catch up because it will be so daunting :)

Andy and I celebrated our 12th anniversary on August 9th.
The day before had been a rough seizure day for Ben.  Andy came home from work with take out from our favorite fancy restaurant.

Ben was asleep in his room so he set up a card table in the hall where we could still keep an eye on the guy.

Friday nights Andy tries to let me sleep in our bed as often as possible and he takes a turn with Ben.
After he went to bed I stuck this vinyl on our bed's headboard.
While we were dating I would go over to my grandparent's home weekly and do odd jobs.  Grandma would often have me do dishes.  Andy would sometimes tag along and help me.  Above my grandparent's kitchen sink is a little picture that my mom framed for them of two indians in a canoe.

 It says, "Many years same canoe, blessum you!"
Anyway, that little saying has kind of become somewhat of a theme throughout our marriage.  
We'll quote it to each other every now and then.  

The next day (our anniversary) we drove down to South Weber to see the Weber Days parade at Andy's grandparent's home.  Grandma had grocery bags with everyone's names on them all ready to go to collect candy.

Matt was the most aggressive in collecting the goods, which was no surprise :)  He came away with quite a haul.

Then we had a bar-b-que.
Three generation picture....they don't look anything alike do they?

Afterwards we drove down to Andy's parent's and they watched the kids while we went on a little date.  Our plan was to ride the gondola up the mountain at The Canyons and then take a spin around the lake at the top in a paddleboat.

I'm not the greatest with heights but I did better than I thought...
...especially when we went out over a huge drop off!

By the time we hiked to the lake, all the paddle boats were already in use and they closed in 10 minutes.

But it was lovely and we had a really nice hike down.

When we got to where the gondola would take us the rest of the way down, we saw preparations for a wedding at the lodge.  We watched as they unloaded the cake from a gondola car...are they called cars?...anyway, and wheeled it over to the kitchen.

On the way down I ultra zoomed in with my camera and found Andy's parent's house.

Love this guy!  He's so good to me!

Blessum you Andy, husband of 12 years!