Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Kidd Family Camp 2015

Every year my mom's family gathers for a camping trip.
This has been a tradition for I don't know how long...I remember it from my early childhood.
The group has expanded over the years to include all my cousins siblings and their children.

Here I am with my cousin discussing our sons and their rare conditions.

Camp is a serious gaming time.

The kids did some pioneer crafts. (The camp is as close to the 24th of July as possible each year.  Here in Utah, that is the day we celebrate the Mormon pioneers coming into the Salt Lake Valley)

The 24th is also my Grandpa Kidd's birthday.
These candles are supposed to resemble a campfire :)

Grandpa turned 92 this year.
He is the kindest, gentlest man you could ever meet.
He suffers with shingles but is constantly concerned about others.
You can't help but feel inspired and lifted in his presence.

Ben had a bandaid on each knee (I think his right one had already fallen off in this picture).
from falling when he was running from the car to get to "Bapa"

The kids all had fun with Uncle Jo's hammock.

The kids always do a skit...

the audience...

My cousin Holly's cute baby, Este

Minute to Win it games...

My aunt Carol and I got called upon to do the "shake the ping pong balls out of the tissue box tied to your behind" game.

The 24th is another big firework holiday.  We were perched up on the mountain side with a spectacular view of the whole valley.

They were going off everywhere you looked that night.

Who has bouquets of fresh flowers at their campsite?
We do :)

Andy took Ben home for the night since he hadn't had much sleep the night before and I stayed and camped with the other three kids.
The next morning we took pictures...

ate breakfast and played more games...

relaxed a little and then cleaned up and went home.
Such a fun tradition to look forward to each year!

Weekend trip to Idaho Falls

A little over a week ago we went up to Idaho Falls where Andy's brother and sister and their families live.

We hiked...

Went swimming...

 Ben is such a handful in the water.  He loves it though.
His life jacket rubbed a spot on his neck.  It scabbed over and looked pretty bad for about a week but has healed nicely since then.

We may have watched several episodes of America Ninja Warrior...

 Hanging with Aunt Jenny

The ladies also went shopping to some fun little stores in the area but sadly, I don't have any pictures of that :)  Andy was a good sport and watched the kids on his own for several hours.

We played...

 Ben was copying Austin in the tent

Jenny and Mike have lots of fun toys...like a little motorcycle, 

and a side by side.
They also have plenty of property that the kids can go zooming around on.

Abby talked me into being the passenger for a little ride while she drove the side by side.
Let me just say that I caught a glimpse of what it might be like in 5 years when she's learning to drive a car :)  She did a good job, bless her heart :)
It was a fun weekend.
Always a joy to spend time with family!