Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Banner/Pennant/Flag Quilt

Remember this? (scroll down)

Ta Da!!!

It took me a while but I am so happy its done.
All the fabric used in this quilt, except for the blue back and the beige strips in between the rows, were left overs from all my banners that I made for my Dravet Syndrome Research fund raiser

I had a few strips left over so I put them on the back.

Here is some of my quilting.
This was a big deal for me...only my second big quilt that I've quilted.
I think it really helped that I did it in rows so I knew exactly where I was going.

I used a stencil for some of the rows...

and free handed others...

I'm finding that I really like doing scrappy bindings.
I still had a lot of 4" squares left over after making the quilt so I decided to put them to good use.

It now resides on my bed in Ben's room.
There's such a feeling of accomplishment when I pull it up over myself to snuggle in at night :)

Slowly but surely I'm starting to feel like I can call myself a quilter :)

How's Honey?

I know that's the topmost question on everyone's mind :)

Honey is doing great!
We love her!
She is growing so fast and she's doing a good job of teaching the kids about responsibility :)

We try to let her out in her pen every night to have some more room to run around.
Some members of the family, I won't mention any names, but one of them may be a male adult, let her run about the basement freely on occasion.  I want her to be able to do that but first she needs to be litter trained.  We're working on it.  We have even tried putting a newborn diaper on her...she hopped right out of it.  I still want to try a premie size with her and see if that works though.

We each have our favorite thing that she does.  I love it when she puts her front paws up to her face and cleans herself, Andy thinks it's extra cute when she stands up on her hind legs and looks around and we all love to watch and listen to her munch on her hay.

She loves to tear up anything we put in there for her to sit on so she doesn't have to be on the cage floor all the time.  Wicker baskets, cardboard, purchased mats etc...they're all doomed.
She likes to lounge in her litter box.
We really need to get a bigger cage for her since she'll be full grown in just a couple of months.

Love that back view :)

Seriously though, isn't she just pretty much the cutest bunny you've ever seen?

Lots of Things...

So either my life is not all that exciting right now or I've just been lazy at posting...probably a combination of both.
Anyway, I have a bunch of things that didn't really warrant their own post at the time but now I will share them all as a collection...aren't you lucky? :)

Some of Abby's hula group performed for our stake Valentine date night...

Matt received his Bobcat...(I only had my phone on me which does not have a great zoom)

Josh had an orchestra concert...

It was a good thing "O" was there so Ben could spill peanuts on her lap and give her lots of loves...

Ben started full day Kindergarten.  
He has been going 2/3 day for a while and I would pick him up every day since the buses don't run at that time of day  When he had about 1/2 an hour left he would start having a hard time and asking for me. They tried taking a picture of me on one of their phones and then sharing it so all of the aides had it.  Then they would show it to him when he started wanting me but then he just started following that aide around wanting to see their phone for the rest of the day.  That's when I suggested I make something that he could wear.
I made a little bracelet with a picture of the two of us attached to it so they could put it on him when he started getting sad and asking for me.
I don't know why I didn't get a picture of it but here is the note they sent home after the first day or two of using it...

We started the bracelet the same time he started full day and every day has been fantastic!
He hasn't had any problems since.  Yeah!

He also discovered the bicycle pump...

Abby and her friend and I attended an Irish dance recital for St. Patrick's Day...

In Primary, each of the presidency has an opportunity to teach a gospel message to the children once every three weeks.  This is one I put a lot of effort into.
Of course it was the same day that the stake leaders came to observe.

It was awful!  Ben was crying and wanting me while his teacher tried to keep him happy, my time to teach had been cut really short so I was flustered not knowing how to condense it into the few minutes I had, a big poster fell down in the room and made a loud noise while I was speaking, the kids seemed really distracted and I felt like the whole time I was just talking to myself.  Anyway, I learned my lesson and will probably not put nearly that much preparation into one again so I won't be so disappointed when it doesn't go well :)

The boys made breakfast in bed for me on a random Sunday morning.  Once mine was delivered, they proceeded to make it for the rest of the family...including each other...as in, one went back to bed and the other one made breakfast for him and vise a versa.

I had a meeting for all the Activity Day leaders.  I've used this before but I just love it so much that I made them again.


I can't remember what recipe I used but it turned out wonderfully!
I made a browned butter glaze for the top and was reminded how much I love that flavor!

We have had a super early spring this year...

I have been learning all about "Mindful Eating"...

...and trying to implement what I am learning :)

And last of all, I did a couple of doors for our Super Hero themed teacher appreciation week.
These are for the same classroom...just different entrances.

Abby came and helped me put them together.

Okay, so that was probably at least 2 if not 3 posts worth but thanks for hanging in there :)