Tuesday, March 31, 2015

How's Honey?

I know that's the topmost question on everyone's mind :)

Honey is doing great!
We love her!
She is growing so fast and she's doing a good job of teaching the kids about responsibility :)

We try to let her out in her pen every night to have some more room to run around.
Some members of the family, I won't mention any names, but one of them may be a male adult, let her run about the basement freely on occasion.  I want her to be able to do that but first she needs to be litter trained.  We're working on it.  We have even tried putting a newborn diaper on her...she hopped right out of it.  I still want to try a premie size with her and see if that works though.

We each have our favorite thing that she does.  I love it when she puts her front paws up to her face and cleans herself, Andy thinks it's extra cute when she stands up on her hind legs and looks around and we all love to watch and listen to her munch on her hay.

She loves to tear up anything we put in there for her to sit on so she doesn't have to be on the cage floor all the time.  Wicker baskets, cardboard, purchased mats etc...they're all doomed.
She likes to lounge in her litter box.
We really need to get a bigger cage for her since she'll be full grown in just a couple of months.

Love that back view :)

Seriously though, isn't she just pretty much the cutest bunny you've ever seen?


  1. She is awfully cute! I've missed her, but I don't think she remembers me. : (

  2. Truly the cutest bunny ever:) We need to come and meet this cutie in person:)