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I wanted to document all the quilts I have made thus far in my life.

I believe I was a young teenager when I wanted to piece my first quilt.  My mom had some leftover Christmas scraps that she let me use.  I remember her telling me that I needed to be exact in my measurements and I was not that thrilled with the instruction.  Mom knew I struggled with things like that :)

I think it was a year or two later that I made this Christmas quilt.  I used strip piecing with this one.

In my late teens I completed one that was a bit more challenging in the piecing department.
I actually hand quilted this one.
My grandma let me put it on the frames in her living room and she taught me how.
It took me a while to finish this but I believe I had it done when I graduated from high school.

When I was pregnant with Abby (about 8 years later) I had a desire to make a baby quilt...

And then in 2010 I made another baby quilt for a friend who was having her first boy.

This was my first time working with minky and I remember it being frustrating...I haven't touched the stuff since :)...well, I've touched it, because how can you not when you walk by it in the store?...but I haven't sewn with it :)

I've posted about the rest of these before so they will look familiar.
In 2014 I made my first mini.  This was about the time that I started feeling more independent and confident in my skills.  On all of the above quilts, my Mom was a major part of their construction...helping with just about every step.  She was still a part of the ones below, but more from calls and consultation and such.
This was also the first quilt I machine quilted.

I just recently finished the one on the right.  These are my New Hampshire minis.  I made the left one for myself and posted about it here.  I just recently finished the second one and sent it to my sister for a very late birthday present.  They are mostly the same except for the stars in the middle...depicting the different stained glass stars that we made during my trip to visit her.

I figured out how to paper piece her star, but accidentally didn't leave enough seam allowance for the fifth point :(  It got cut off a little bit.
I like the circular arrangement of the leaves and acorns on the second one better than the first one and I also like the echo quilting on this one better than the stippling on the pink one.
Maybe I should make two of every quilt so I can decide what looks better :)

Then, of course, there was the quilt for my mother in law last Christmas...the first large quilt I machine quilted.

My Valentine mini...

And, of course, my banner quilt.

So far that is the extent of my quilt making.
I have helped put together many others but these are all mine.
I am hoping there are many more to come :)

***From now on, as I make a quilt, I am just going to add it to this page so it will be a complete collection of my quilting adventures :)***

This quilt was made in the fall of 2015 for a friend who had a baby pass away.
Her name was Rose.
My mom offered these 12 block made with all rose fabric that she had stashed away.
So I didn't piece the blocks but I did put the top together and quilt it.

A little mini made to give to a friend for Christmas 2015


A friend had some quilts that her daughter had pieced for a local shelter.
She had me quilt this one.

Two Irish minis...

My mom had pieced this little guy and offered it to me to practice my fmq skills.

I wanted a copy of the one I made for my friend at Christmas...

This is Christmas Carol in honor of the sweet woman who gave her quilting machine to me in 2015.
All the fabrics (except for the back) are ones she sent to my mom and then Mom shared with me :)

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  1. You made it work! I think it is fun to have a place to document all of your quilts. Good job!