Tuesday, August 1, 2017


For Father's Day I made a sign for Andy that included a few of the many sayings of which he likes to remind us, his family.

I debated which technique to use to transfer the words.  After experimenting a bit I ended up rubbing pencil lead on the back of the printed paper and lightly tracing the outline of the words onto the boards.
Then I just used a paint pen/marker to draw directly on top of the pencil marks and fill in the letters on the boards.

The guys of the family on Father's Day.
Love them all SO much!

Abby experienced her first Girls Camp this summer!
Wow was she excited and wow did she have a great time.

And speaking of Fathers...
Andy was asked to speak at a devotional one day so we were both able to go up and hang out with the girls for a bit.
The idea or theme of the devotional was how we can each beat our own Goliaths.
Their cute leader Katie had made 4 large Goliaths

After Andy spoke for 20-30 minutes about how, through our Savior we can overcome our trials and
problems in life (he did a great job by the way)...

...the girls were split up into different groups...

...and using slingshots, chucked paintballs at the Goliaths.
It was such a cool idea and girls had a lot of fun with it!