Thursday, November 28, 2013

That for Which I am Thankful 2013


{That fun pumpkin on the right was sent to me by a sweet blogger friend}

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Banners for Ben

So, you might have noticed, you might not have, but I not been posting very much lately.
And, what I have been posting has been solely about my family happenings...major holidays and birthdays and the like.  Not much crafting.  Don't think that I haven't been sewing, gluing, cutting, stitching and painting though.  I've been going strong...stronger than usual but saving it all for one culminating post.

Months ago I decided to participate in a craft fair to raise more money for Ben's fund of hope for Dravet Syndrome research.
I expanded my banner making to include all holidays and added some ornaments and Christmas table runners.  My mom and sister have made a bunch of beautiful ornaments as well and my good friend has been busily crocheting up a storm of tulle scrubbies.  Thank you so much ladies!
I had lots of other great help also and am now "ready" (but nervous) to take on the crowds at Novemberfest.

I am tired and, not happy to admit it, but kind of burned out on the crafting scene.
I find myself much looking forward to having this behind me.

When I committed to do this, for some reason, I didn't realize it was Thanksgiving weekend.
When that was brought to my attention I was super stressed because we were slated to be with ANdy's family this year...far away from the craft fair.  My sweet sister in law came up with the perfect solution.  They would come to us this year and then be able to help me with the fair afterward!
They don't want me to worry about anything or have any extra stress so they are generously taking care of everything related to the meal.
As long as I don't have to cook the turkey I'm happy :)

So.......if any of you are in the Cache Valley neighborhood over Thanksgiving vacation stop on in at the Rec center (Logan High) Fri. and Sat. from 10-6.
I'd love to see you!

I have just spent probably an hour and a half trying to get my pictures into this pictures that I've been saving for months to post.  Ha!
My new computer might have something to do with the problem :)
Once I figure out how to do this I will get the pictures in, but until then you will just have to endure this boring looking installment.

Nov. 28th
I ended up just emailing myself the pics :)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween 2013

Weeks ago, Josh and Matt rock, paper, scissored to see who would get to be Harry Potter and who would take 2nd place as Ron.  Josh was a good sport about it and was excited that we got to spray his hair orange.  Abby couldn't decide between a vampiress and a pirate.  Ben's was kind of a last minute idea.  He loves Mickey and it came together pretty easily.  I wanted him to be able to have ears with or without his helmet.

This fun task fell to me this year since Andy had his late Thurs. class and there just wasn't going to be time between the kids getting home and needing to head out to meet Andy at Grandparents' for trick or treating.
I just hallowed them out and we did a quick carve when they got home.  We're always last minute with this activity!  Next year I'm going to try and do it a few days ahead of time.

Since this is Josh's last year in elementary school I made sure to sign up in his class as a room mother.  The other moms did all the work and I was just there to help.  Minute to Win it games are always a hit!
Josh got to do the old 'vaseline on the nose/cotton ball' trick :)

Why weren't Grandpa and Grandma in this picture instead of me?
We went and saw Grandpa and Grandma Kidd.  Grandma handed out candy and Grandpa handed out apples from his tree.  Ben brought his apple to me and very sweetly made his little eating sign/sound and said "me?"  This stinking, but miraculous diet!  It broke my heart to have to tell him no.

We visited sweet Grandma "O." in the rehab wing of the rest home.  A week or so prior, she had fallen and broken her femur.  She's slowly but surely recovering.  She was very happy to see us.
Mom had brought little treat bags in earlier that day for Grandma to give the kids.  Mom thinks of everything!  Bless her!

Then it was back home for dinner and roaming the neighborhood.  Josh was invited to go with a friend this year...kind of a big step for him.  Andy took the other ones around for a bit.  Ben was an angel and was content in his stroller going from door to door (that never happens).  After about 1 1/2 streets, Abby said she had enough candy and so Andy happily brought them home.
 As usual, we had Mom and Dad over.  It's always nice having their company and help on this frantic night of answering the door, prepping dinner and fixing costumes.

After a while, it calms down a bit and we're able to relax and sit down and eat and watch good old Halloween movies.

All Ben needs to be happy...Bapa, his iPad and his juice!

October Wrap Up

 I thought I had better mention a few happenings before I posted Halloween and moved on to November...

Earlier this year, we as a family, made a goal to hike the range of mountains on the west side of our little valley.  In my youth I hiked them a few times and it is not an easy jaunt.  So we planned to work up to it by going on several smaller hikes throughout the summer.  That never quite happened and so we were not prepared to meet our goal this fall.
 It was bothering Andy somewhat that it never happened and so he decided to take whoever wanted to up as far as they could go.
 The two boys took him up on it.

 And guess what?  They made it all the way!

Andy said it was awesome.  They were troopers and even though it was hard they kept going.
He said it was so good to just talk with them and not have any other distractions.  

I guess along the way the boys decided to give names to some of the landmarks they passed...
Abby's Aspen Grove
Benjamin's Meadow
Dad's Decision Point
(they reached a point where they could see the rim but it was still a way off...Andy had the boys decide if they wanted to continue or not)
Mom's Berry Patch
Josh's Switchbacks
Matt's Lone Pines (apparently there were 2)
Bryan Ridge
...cute right?

 I'm so grateful the boys had a good experience and have this memory to look back on.

LOVE this one!

Abby had her annual strep episode.  She was kind enough to pass it on to Matt this time too :)
(She really did not want to wear that mask...even though there were signs all over telling her too, and the receptionist telling her to)

I have no pictures for this next item but it has to be mentioned.  
The kids have a "Primary Program" every year in church where they have speaking parts and sing primary songs for the whole congregation.  It's definitely one of the best meetings of the year.
This was the first year that Ben was involved.
His young class did not have individual speaking parts but said a few single lines in unison throughout.  Hence, they didn't get to use the microphone.  Apparently, during the dress rehearsal, this was upsetting to Ben.  He really loves being in the spotlight and loves microphones :)  His teacher said that after it was all over she had to let him go up and "talk" into the mic to satisfy him.
This made me nervous for what may occur during the program.  Would he make a fuss?
Ben walked up to the podium with the rest of the kids and his teacher.  They sat on the front row.  You could barely see his little eyes above the ledge.
What happened next was so sweet that it brought my sensitive, mother's eyes to tears.
During the songs, Ben's teacher who was sitting right next to him, held a mic up to Ben and you could hear his sweet mumbling voice among the other childrens'.  He loved it...and so did we :)
Afterwards, his teacher said that she just felt so bad for these little ones because they all wanted a turn (the kids next to Ben got turns as well).
It was a precious moment!

Abby and Matt were anxious to go out and rake leaves one day...Ben was anxious to join them.
They had a blast!
I loved watching them :)

Hooray for Fall!