Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Banners for Ben

So, you might have noticed, you might not have, but I not been posting very much lately.
And, what I have been posting has been solely about my family happenings...major holidays and birthdays and the like.  Not much crafting.  Don't think that I haven't been sewing, gluing, cutting, stitching and painting though.  I've been going strong...stronger than usual but saving it all for one culminating post.

Months ago I decided to participate in a craft fair to raise more money for Ben's fund of hope for Dravet Syndrome research.
I expanded my banner making to include all holidays and added some ornaments and Christmas table runners.  My mom and sister have made a bunch of beautiful ornaments as well and my good friend has been busily crocheting up a storm of tulle scrubbies.  Thank you so much ladies!
I had lots of other great help also and am now "ready" (but nervous) to take on the crowds at Novemberfest.

I am tired and, not happy to admit it, but kind of burned out on the crafting scene.
I find myself much looking forward to having this behind me.

When I committed to do this, for some reason, I didn't realize it was Thanksgiving weekend.
When that was brought to my attention I was super stressed because we were slated to be with ANdy's family this year...far away from the craft fair.  My sweet sister in law came up with the perfect solution.  They would come to us this year and then be able to help me with the fair afterward!
They don't want me to worry about anything or have any extra stress so they are generously taking care of everything related to the meal.
As long as I don't have to cook the turkey I'm happy :)

So.......if any of you are in the Cache Valley neighborhood over Thanksgiving vacation stop on in at the Rec center (Logan High) Fri. and Sat. from 10-6.
I'd love to see you!

I have just spent probably an hour and a half trying to get my pictures into this post...my pictures that I've been saving for months to post.  Ha!
My new computer might have something to do with the problem :)
Once I figure out how to do this I will get the pictures in, but until then you will just have to endure this boring looking installment.

Nov. 28th
I ended up just emailing myself the pics :)


  1. Oh, shucks. No pictures of all those wonderful banners! Can't wait to see your fun booth. Let me know when you need me!

  2. Wish I was up there to come and see you at November Fest. Good luck Aimee, all your crafts look amazing!!

  3. Those shamrocks and poinsettias look amazing! You are a true crafter.