Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Last Days Together

Family Home Evening together...

Uncle Dan is always up for time with the kids...
throwing pillows at each other, wrapping them up in blanket burritos etc.

A visit to Grandpa and Grandma Kidd's house the last day in town.

Then Uncle Jo wanted a visit at work...

It was so great to have them all in town for a while.  
Such a joy to meet sweet Maggie.
Super hard to have them go home.
Love you guys!

Sunday Night with Maggie

I am sorry for the overload here...
This was just a very big thing for our family so I want it in the books...(literally since I print my blog every year for my journal of sorts...)

Ang and Ben again...I think they really bonded :)

Sorry there's so many...I just loved every one of them.
Almost there...

An Eternal Family

The reason my sister's family came out was to have little Maggie sealed to them in the temple for time and eternity.
Who wouldn't want this little angel forever and ever?

Her sealing was such a beautiful moment.  My Grandpa was able to perform the ordinance which made it all the more special.

While they were in town we took the opportunity to have a family picture taken.
One of my brother's friends was able to do it for us.

First, I'm just posting a bunch of pictures I took while she was shooting.

For the most part, Ben was not cooperating and made it kind of difficult to get good pictures.  However, he initiated a sweet little moment with Ang :)

Now for the professional pictures...

I love this picture because of my beautiful mom's face!

I just love that look on Maggie's face on the right!

These are so priceless!