Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Sixth!

My Matt turned 6 last week.
Following are some pictures of the celebrations...

Classroom Celebration
He got to bring in a few things that are important to him.  It seems that pillow pets are among the most important things to most of the kindergarteners.

 He brought his favorite book.  His teacher asked why it was his favorite and he said it was because owls are his favorite animal.  That was news to me :)  Then she asked him why owls are his favorite.  Without missing a beat he responded it was because they are nocturnal.  Ha!

Then I got to read the book to the class.

Before I left, Matt got to lead the class in "Baby Shark".  It's a fun little chant that he loves doing.

Evening Celebration

That evening Andy's parents were able to come and celebrate with us.  Matt chose to get food from 
Chick-fil-A.  (We don't go into restaurants lately because of the diet).  

Matt's favorite gifts were roller blades...

...and baseball equipment.

He put it to use right away.

Matt had asked for strawberry cake.  I remembered this that I had seen on Pinterest and he was a good sport to let me experiment with his cake.  I had altered the recipe a bit so I had to figure out some things.  After a few attempts I got it just about right.  They were yummy if I do say so myself.

My version of the brownie bottomed strawberry cupcakes:

Sunday Evening Celebration with the Olsens

What a handsome guy!

We've got a baseball lover on our hands.

Josh was a sweet brother and read all of Matt's cards to him.

Ben is "smiling" for the camera in the arms of his "Bapa".

I made another cake for Sunday evening and this time it really was a cake and not cupcakes.  Matt wanted the same kind.  It didn't turn out as well as the cupcakes...I ended up burning the brownie bottom.  That happened to be the third thing I had burnt that day :(

I love my Matt!  He is a precious guy.  So energetic and such a sense of humor.
He often wants to help with whatever Mom and Dad are doing.
He helped make his cupcakes and he wanted to help decorate for his birthday too.
This was his cute :)

Matt's very coordinated and good at sports.  He also likes to draw like his sister and is often giving me cute little notes that he has made for me.
He's quite a kid and we all appreciate him so much!

Happy Birthday Matt!


  1. Nocturnal--of course, what any kid would have said! NOT!
    I want to see Baby Shark. Looks very entertaining. : )
    Love his decorating! What a guy--he always makes me smile.

  2. Fun family celebrations! Happy Birthday Matt!

  3. Happy Birthday Matt! I happen to love owls, too! Probably because they are cute, but now that you mention it, I'm a night owl, too!

  4. So fun!! Happy Birthday Matt!

  5. Happy Birthday Matt!! Thanks Aimee for sharing your sweet family! I want to just jump through the screen and give them all a big hug!!