Thursday, March 27, 2014

March 27th...a Special Day

This morning I got a text from the hubs...

(The second yellow box)

He's awesome like that...remembering the day we got engaged.
{The weather comment is referring to him proposing outside in the early morning...overcast, but dry.  This morning we had big, juicy flakes falling from the sky}

It was pretty cool to look straight peaceful.

The other day, Josh and I went to the library.  When we checked our books out, the librarian (a teenage boy) looked up our account and when he saw the name he said, "I know who you guys are.  You're Brother Bryan's family.  He's like my favorite person ever!"  He said it very sincerely.  
The thing is, I get comments like this all the time from young adults who have been in his seminary classes.  He is well liked and respected by his students and others.

{I need a picture of the two of us to insert right here...can't find a good one right now...later :}

I am so happy I said yes 12 years ago.  I married a man who's side I am proud to stand by.  He makes me feel very loved every day.  What a blessing to have such a companion to walk through this journey of life together.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Wearin' o' the Green 2014

Even though my shamrock plant looked like this by St. Patty's day,  we still had a grand time :)
 When I was in line at the grocery store, early in March, buying this plant, a neighbor came in line behind me and asked what the occasion was...why was I buying a plant?
I said, "It's a shamrock."
I guess I thought that would explain everything, but by the somewhat blank stare I received in return I figured I needed to explain some more.
I told him I realized not everyone celebrates St. Patrick's Day but it is kind of big at our house.  
My Dad served an LDS mission to Ireland and, well, we're Bryans.
Abby summed it up quite well in this little piece of art...
We are more than a wee bit Irish.  We are Bryans!
I found these super fun moustaches at Old Navy!
The kids loved wearing them...even Ben :)

 I've decided Abby is a face maker when it comes to picture taking.

 Business as usual...just with a green moustache on my face.

 I tried to do a green dinner, but it's nothing worth showing...kind of lame actually but my family were good sports.
We also had a chocolate, gold coin hunt and watched Darby O'Gill and the Little People...a classic!

I hope Abby doesn't mind me showing these last pictures.
They are just so fun!
I found this earlier this month in our guest bedroom.
Apparently the olympic influence was still strong in the imagination at the time.
(Half Pipe.  Sorry, we don't have any mini skate boards so you will have to bring your own.  Come prepared.)

Then, just tonight, I found this thoughtful resting place for some weary leprechauns.
 (I'm curious why she chose the term "bar"! :)

 One penny for each person that comes.  Thank you for coming.

 If necessary, you can chip off pieces of food.  Only take one sip at a time from big cups.

Half Pipe - Only have one skate board.
(I'm glad she found a skateboard for them :)

And a shout out to all of my siblings...
A happy birthday to my wonderful sister Angie!
And safe travels to my two brothers on their trip home from Iceland (because everybody goes to Iceland for their spring break :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Silhouette Stencils for Pride and Prejudice Paintings

A few years ago I found some darling watercolor prints from Slovly on Etsy.
I love her sweet :)
Anyway, these sweet prints have just been sitting in clear sleeves waiting for a proper framing.
I have acquired quite a collection of unfinished wooden frames of late and decided that two of them needed to go to this project.

First, I painted each frame a solid color...

Then, I used my handy dandy Silhouette Cameo to cut out some beautiful patterns from contact paper...

I peeled off the back of the contact paper and placed them on the frames...

I painted a different color all over the stencil and frame...

After a few minutes of drying, I peeled off the contact paper...

After the frames were completely dry I sanded and distressed them and added the pictures.

Aren't the pictures darling?!?
I present Miss Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy.
I was really pleased with the results although they weren't perfect {the damask stencil was so intricate that some of it got torn as I peeled it from the mat and there were such little parts that sometimes the paint got underneath the contact paper} and if I were to do them again I probably would have chosen more complementary colors...but I love them anyway :)

I love that they now are framed and sitting on my shelf.  They make me smile :)

Pinewood Pics

If you are a boy scout mother and have had your fill of pinewood derbies, don't feel obligated to read on :)

Andy helped Josh with his Perry car.  They sanded, painted and constructed with a lot of blood, sweat and...I don't think there were any tears, but there truly was blood.  Andy drilled into his thumb.  Ouch! 

We actually ended up with a whole family of Perrys.

Abby and Matt wanted their own and so Andy was good enough to help them cut and paint two more.

Excitement was in the air when we arrived at the church.

Matt enjoyed a close up view...

There's our platypus on the right.

It looks like Ben is trying to negotiate something with Andy.

Talking to his primary teacher...

Perry in motion (the far left blur).

I think Josh really enjoyed himself.

Ben found a
little friend.  
He loved being able to run around free in the gym.  I regretted not bringing his helmet.  Not that he got hurt...
Just a lot of close


Our good friend and neighbor, Chase, who was in charge of the evening, let Ben carry around his old derby car since Ben was trying to grab other cars off the tables and tracks.

Ben had to get in on the racing action too :)

Way to go guys!