Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Pinewood Pics

If you are a boy scout mother and have had your fill of pinewood derbies, don't feel obligated to read on :)

Andy helped Josh with his Perry car.  They sanded, painted and constructed with a lot of blood, sweat and...I don't think there were any tears, but there truly was blood.  Andy drilled into his thumb.  Ouch! 

We actually ended up with a whole family of Perrys.

Abby and Matt wanted their own and so Andy was good enough to help them cut and paint two more.

Excitement was in the air when we arrived at the church.

Matt enjoyed a close up view...

There's our platypus on the right.

It looks like Ben is trying to negotiate something with Andy.

Talking to his primary teacher...

Perry in motion (the far left blur).

I think Josh really enjoyed himself.

Ben found a
little friend.  
He loved being able to run around free in the gym.  I regretted not bringing his helmet.  Not that he got hurt...
Just a lot of close


Our good friend and neighbor, Chase, who was in charge of the evening, let Ben carry around his old derby car since Ben was trying to grab other cars off the tables and tracks.

Ben had to get in on the racing action too :)

Way to go guys!


  1. Who or what is Perry? I know--I'm really out of it.
    Looks like lots of fun, and I can't believe it has been 15 years or so since I was in on those. Seems like yesterday!
    Good job, Josh--and Abby, and Matt (and Andy, of course).
    I'm glad Ben got to "participate," too. : )

  2. Thanks for the fun pictures! I was sad I couldn't be there that night. I love Josh's car!