Thursday, September 3, 2015

One GreaDeserves Another (even if it's super minuscule in comparison)

I was given a gift... someone I've never met.

A sweet quilting blogger friend of my Mom's learned she didn't have much longer to live due to cancer.  She, very generously asked my mom if I would want her quilting machine!  I couldn't believe it!  I took her up on her offer but was at a loss as to how to thank her.
She sent it to me from Omaha Nebraska.  I payed the shipping which ended up being a good sum but nothing compared to how much the machine is worth.  
This machine is just like my mom's so I am already familiar with it.
I had sent a card to her trying to express my appreciation but it just wasn't enough.
She had told my mom that I could repay her by making lots of beautiful quilts with it and teaching my daughter how to use it.
I figure, in addition, I can use it to bless the lives of those around me by making quilts for people who would appreciate them and also, letting any friends and neighbors use it that would like to.

 One week after I got it all set up in my guest room this dear woman passed away.

Around the same time I found out I would be receiving this machine, I wanted to make a rose themed quilt for a friend that was going through a hard time.
I mentioned this to my mom and she told me years ago, she had collected rose fabrics just real plans for them, and that later she had made them up into 12 sampler blocks. She  never made them into a quilt and very willingly offered them to me!
They were perfect and I was able to come up with this...
(the color on my camera seems off...the orangey fabrics really aren't that orange...more a soft peach)

I was extremely intimidated quilting it.  It was only my third large sized quilt and I knew how unthrilled I had been about my first two.  I knew I needed to practice though and this would be a good opportunity.  I chose the two best spots in my quilting to take a picture of and post :)

I used this stencil in all 12 blocks and then did some loopy circles in the sashing.

On the big green border, I was able to incorporate roses again.

As long as no one looks at it closely, it's fine :)

I was thrilled to be able to use the machine though and am so excited that it is right in my basement to use whenever I want...and whenever anyone else wants :)
What a blessing!

Back to School 2015

The day before school started I wanted to take the kids out to lunch...kind of becoming a tradition.  There's a fun, new college joint, burger place within very short walking distance of Andy's work that we wanted to try out...that way, Dad could join us for the fun :)

Andy knew I would like the fries and shakes...he was right!...mmmmm so good!

Then, the big day arrived!
Josh, our super 7th grader...
He leaves at 7 and I forgot to get a picture before school so I snagged one after :)

Abby, our fantastic 5th grader...

Matt, our thrilling 3rd grader...

And Ben, our fun first grader...
who wouldn't pose for me very well :)

I sure love my kids, but I'm not a very good "summer mom" and it's always a bit of a relief when we're back in school and on a routine again.  Here's to an awesome year!

End of July-End of August Randomness...

...or things that happened weeks ago that I am now just getting around to blogging.

I took the boys (Abby was sick) to visit my Grandma on her birthday.
They all rode the old rocking horse that they played on when they were younger...I should find some of those pictures and put them side by side...hmmm...

Ben enjoyed singing Old McDonald along with the cow that lights up and plays the song.

I tried to get a shot of all of them before we left but Ben was not really cooperating so this was the best I could do :)

I saw this big old dog at a gas station one day and had to get a picture!  Isn't he awesome?

I wish I would have gotten more pictures of our Olsen Family Reunion but the ones I did get are pretty cute...

Ben and "Bapa"

Matt earned his Wolf

We've grown some really good sized blackberries this year!
I love the taste but they make my throat itch like crazy.  What I've realized is that if I don't bite down on the seeds I can swallow them without much of a problem.
Yesterday, I added some whipped cream with coconut palm sugar and!  I am really enjoying that blackberry bush now :)

Just a couple of cute pictures of Andy and Ben on a Sunday morning...

One day when my new visiting teachers came, Ben felt super comfortable and climbed right up in between them to do his iPad and eat his fish :)...and make silly faces...

 And lastly, a couple of weeks ago, I leaned down over Ben to brush his teeth and was brushing away when I noticed a dark spot that should have been white.  Upon closer inspection, I realized he had lost his first tooth!  I hadn't even known it was loose!  I looked around for it, wondering if I had just knocked it out with his toothbrush...even checking around in his mouth...but found nothing.  I'm guessing he swallowed it.  I was excited and tried to talk about it with him but he was clue what I was babbling about :)
I grabbed my camera but he would not let me get a picture of it.  I seriously tried super hard but it was impossible.  I had to grab this shot when he was asleep :)