Monday, September 24, 2012

There's a cello in our house! {and some odds and ends}

So have you ever seen "The Piano Guys" on YouTube?
Jon Schmidt and Steven Sharp Nelson?
If you haven't already checked them out you need to...they're amazing!

Here's one of our favorites... since I feel really dumb and don't know how to put a video in my post I'll just link you to it :)
Here it is!

Josh has admired these guys for a while; ever since he saw their "Cello Wars".
I guess they've inspired him and his friend to take up the cello in their school orchestra this year.
It kind of surprised me but Andy and I happily encouraged it.

They've just recently received their instruments and started having class.  So far so good :)
Can I just tell you how fun it is to hear an instrument other than the piano in my home?
The first few days after receiving the instrument it was just kind of fun remembering that there was a cello in the corner of the front room.

My mom wanted to play the cello when she was younger but her parents thought she was too small to carry one around so she ended up with the violin.  She's happy that Josh is learning now.

I have a cute cousin who is very good at the cello but she just went away to her first year of college.
Poor would have been great to have her be Josh's private teacher.

We were lucky to find one of her former students willing to come to our home weekly and give him lessons.
She's a sweet girl and I think she'll be great with Josh.

They had their first lesson last week.
Pretty exciting!

Right now, Josh is anxious and excited to practice each day...let's hope that lasts :)

Doesn't he look great?
Luckily he was able to get rid of his crutches just in time to start lugging this around :)

And in other news...
I just had some other cute pictures I wanted to share.

Here's a few of the kiddos surrounding my brother James; spellbound as they communicate with "Siri".

This is what I found when I came home from running some errands late this afternoon...

...two of my guys exhausted after a long day at work and a seizure.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Shortest Post Ever! (on my blog)

I know you're not used to a post that's less than a novel from me but you're going to get one today...
just a couple of things :)

1.  I was "featured"on a blog!
Check it out here.
Thanks Jen!

2.  I read this talk yesterday and bawled the whole way through.

And because I have a hard time doing a pictureless post, I'll leave you with these...

Ben was here!

This was what I found a while ago in the basement :)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Running For Ben 2012

So many people were so helpful and we were able to pull off another year of "Running for Ben".

My awesome cousin Wade and his company, Advent Creative, donated time and talents to create new t-shirts, an amazing new flier and a great banner.

 So much thanks to them!

The Half Marathon

Here's "Bapa"...the man in charge of set up and take down.  Thanks so much Dad for being so willing to dedicate so much time to this and also for stepping outside of your comfort was very much noticed and appreciated!  (We all had to step out of our comfort zones to approach people about donating but Dad gets the prize for the biggest step :)

 Doniene, a wonderful blogging friend of Mom's donated this lovely, fall quilt!
So much thanks to you Doniene!

Here is my friend Jami and her sister Jen and their girls after the 1/2 marathon. 
Great job ladies!

My good friend Trina and her daughter Maggie came to the rescue and helped call and text the winners the morning of the race.  (Mom, Dad and I aren't the swiftest texters around). 
Thanks so much you two!

Cute Abs!

The Full Marathon

 The prize boxes all lined up and ready to go!

 My number one helpers!
I can never repay you Mom and Dad!
Mom did so much!
  She thought of last minute details down to the breath mints and cold water in the cooler.
Bless you Mom for sacrificing so much.

Two quilts were donated for this race.  Randy, one of Mom's quilt blogging friends sent the sweet 30's quilt on the right (scroll back up to the picture of Mom and Dad to see it)  and my wonderful neighbor LaReen did the adorable baby boy quilt on the left.
So kind and generous...thank you so much ladies!
Forgive the slew of pictures ahead...
Since I had taken the van the morning of the marathon and not thought to leave Ben's car seat behind the kids almost didn't make it to the park.  "Bapa offered to go pick them up though and I'm so glad they were able to come.

 Uncle Jo was very kind and came to be our texter for this race.  It would have taken me hours to do what he did in 15 minutes :)  Thanks so much Jo!

 Another behind the scenes helper was my sweet mother in law.  She came for both races and stayed at home with the kids while we were at the booth for hours at a time.
Thank you Nancy!

 Ben on uncle Jo's bike.

 Being silly with stickers :)

 Andy and Josh came later as they were picking up a rented cello for Josh to begin orchestra!
(More on that soon.)

 Going for a walk with "Bapa".

As far as success goes, we only made about half of what we did last year with these two events.  (Every little bit helps though.)  There were some things going for us in 2011 of which we didn't have the benefit this year.  Also, I think we've just tapped this resource dry.  It's time to start thinking of other ways to raise funds for research.
I already have lots of thoughts swimming around in my head... I just don't know how many of them are realistic :)
Love these people!

I just feel like I can not say thank you enough to all those that supported and served us during these fundraisers.
Ben is very grateful too :)