Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Shortest Post Ever! (on my blog)

I know you're not used to a post that's less than a novel from me but you're going to get one today...
just a couple of things :)

1.  I was "featured"on a blog!
Check it out here.
Thanks Jen!

2.  I read this talk yesterday and bawled the whole way through.

And because I have a hard time doing a pictureless post, I'll leave you with these...

Ben was here!

This was what I found a while ago in the basement :)


  1. Very cool that you were featured!! Did I know you had made 10 of those? Wow!
    I love that talk--tear-jerker, for sure when it hits so close to home.
    Oh, dear little "line-'em-up" Ben. That was a long line! : )

  2. That is so adorable! I love seeing your pictures!

  3. Wow, that kid has the powers of concentration! Loved your post and loved the talk, thanks for sharing.