Tuesday, February 17, 2015

New Hampshire Mini

I have another finish!

This quilt came about because of a couple of different things.
I began this in the fall right after I got back from visiting my sis back east.
I wanted an excuse to use the new fabric I had bought on the trip and of course I had to make the project memorialize my experience there in a symbolic way.
I had also been itching to use my Silhouette to cut fabric for a quilt so this is the result.
 So, the four main colors...purple, burgundy, gold and green are all fabric I bought in New Hampshire.  I'm pretty sure the little splashes of blue are also N. H. fabric.

Believe it or not, I had never done a blanket stitch before so I taught myself on this project.
All the shapes on this quilt were cut by my Silhouette including this star block.
This is my stained glass star I made on the trip...

 Look similar enough?
Of course the leaves are self explanatory.  Such beautiful fall foliage while I was there.

I collected acorns there because honestly, I just don't see them much where I live.
I brought a whole bunch home to make things with but most of them have ended up moldy (even though I followed instructions on baking and drying them) and I had to throw them out.
Still, they make me think of my time there :)

This "block" made me think of the waves of the sea.  Our jaunt up to Maine was fantastic and a big part of the trip.

I wanted to continue the wave theme throughout the border.
First, I tried free handing some waves with white thread.  Yikes!  What was I thinking?
After failing horribly at that I found matching thread for each side and traced the pattern from a template.  Much better! 
 The tiny pink square that you can barely see in the corner of this picture and the pink binding were my attempts to tie in the pink from my stained glass star.  I know it's kind of an odd combination but I wanted to be true to my glass project so I went with it.
Looking at it now, I probably should have added a thin border of pink and then bound it in the blue.

Other than the wave border, the quilting was just little curlicues around the shapes (and stars in the pink corners).  I just have to keep telling myself that I have to practice somewhere in order to get better and if I just stitch on practice squares until I'm happy with my quilting, I would never finish any projects.  So there ya go :)

My New Hampshire Mini!


  1. Wonderful job, Aimee. I love the thought behind each element--a true memory quilt.
    It is great that you are willing to try new things and just "go for it".