Saturday, December 7, 2013


Honestly, I don't feel like writing much about this...even though it was a good experience for the most part, it is over and I mentally need to move on.

I will mention some things and let the pictures tell most of the story....and I apologize now for my blurry phone pictures.

Thanksgiving evening, my sweet mother in law and sister in law helped me set up my booth.  My wonderful brothers came and were very helpful also {I needed to get a picture of them.  Jo is hiding in the back of this first picture}.

My very kind dad built the posts for me to string the banners from  on each side of the booth.
They worked perfectly!

We had two nine hour days.  The awesome ladies mentioned above and my own dear mother took turns in coming and helping in the booth.

It was so interesting to see what sold the best.
The bright chevron chalkboard banners (in the center of the table above) and the multi colored chalkboard ones to the right were the most popular banners.  Which is funny because the bright chevrons were some that I made early on and almost regretted it later thinking that no one would want that bright of colors.

The St. Patty's (in the second picture from the top and also on the table below) were the most popular holiday banners.
All but one of the 47 scrubbies that my friend made for the booth sold.
And the beautiful ornaments that my mom and sister made {I'm kicking myself for not getting a better picture of them...the couple that I took of them are so blurry they're not even worth posting :(  You can kind of see them in the third picture from the top hanging on the trees.  I wish I had a close up though.}...anyway, they sold really well also...they're all gone as of a few days ago when my sister in law's mother in law asked for all the ones we had left so she could do a small tree with just these little, quilted ornaments :)
I also sold all of my burlap table runners with lace.  I really liked how they turned out so I'm glad other people liked them too!

I'm really pleased with how the booth itself turned out.
I received a lot of positive feedback from people about my banners and to me, that's almost as good as a sale.
I also have to remember that part of my goal was to just get some awareness out about Dravet Syndrome.

Over all, it was a good experience but it was so much work to prepare for and it took me away from my family too much.  And of course with things like this, you never get back what you put into it.
So, I'm glad I did it once for the experience, but I really don't think I'll ever do it again :)

A BIG thanks to everyone who helped and supported me in this endeavor!
I appreciate every little bit!...and so does Ben :)


  1. You never know until you try, do you? You did an amazing job, Aimee. I am proud of you for the quality of work you do.
    But it was all-consuming for a while, wasn't it? I hope you have recovered!
    I'm thrilled with my banners, and I have 8 more ornaments to send out Monday to blog readers.

  2. Oh I wish so bad I could have come to see it in person! I admire how dedicated you are... everything looks absolutely awesome Aimee! I wish I could have helped you out more. Now you can kick your feet up and concentrate on other things. ;)

  3. The booth looked fabulous and you look great too! Way to pull that off!

  4. Beautiful!! Do you sell any on etsy or anywhere online?