Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

We had plenty of cute, little turkeys at our house for Thanksgiving.

My talented Mother in law created this whole gaggle.
Matt's creations throughout the month.
Look at this cute, little chunk of a nephew of mine!
Ben got kind of scraped up a couple of days before while attempting to get the mail.
We hosted Thanksgiving this year so that I would be able to set up my booth at Novemberfest later that afternoon.  My in laws were so willing to provide all the food and help with the booth.  It worked out great!
My talented Mother in law has a talented daughter that created the decor for the kids' table.  Thanks Jenny!

Andy receiving instruction from his dad on the finer points of turkey carving.

After the meal was cleaned up we loaded the van with all kinds of craft fair going paraphernalia and the rest is material for another post.


  1. Very fun to see the festivities! I love those cheeks on Jenny's little (big) guy!
    The kid's table looks like the happenin' place to be. : )

  2. Love the kids table decor! It's adorable!!