Thursday, February 16, 2012


For the last several years Andy has given me a potted orchid for Valentines Day.  It's been great because the blooms last so long (much longer than a bouquet of flowers) and the plant continues to live even when the blooms have faded away.  The only problem has been that I have never been able to get them to rebloom after the first blooms are gone.

Well, this year Andy came home with this...

because of this...

Yes, that's right, my orchid from last year is actually going to rebloom!  This little bud has been expanding for the last few weeks and I can't wait until it bursts open.  
By the way, I think what made the difference was that I moved it from my north facing kitchen window to my south facing front room window.
The only down side is that if I'm able to keep the ones I have blooming, Andy will probably stop giving them to me for V-Day...or, if he does still give them to me, we'll run out of room...unless I turn my front room into a greenhouse!

1 comment:

  1. A greenhouse would be nice. : ) Do you remember what color this orchid is?
    And those Gerbera (sp?) daisies don't exactly make you unhappy.