Monday, June 25, 2012

The Bryans go to Disneyland - Third Installment

Mid afternoon, second day...
it was time to go across the street to California Adventure.
Our first objective was to get something to eat.
I had a yummy bread bowl of Broccoli soup and a root beer float from Ghirardelli's soda fountain.
Ben slept through lunch.  We were all quite tired and so it was very nice to sit and relax and rejuvenate.
After eating and resting we were ready to hit the pavement again.
We toured Paradise Pier...rode another carousel, went into another gift shop, watched a crazy roller coaster and rode a ride or two.

While getting in line for the Little Mermaid ride I glanced down in Ben's direction...down at his stroller that I was pushing.  His arm was hanging out the side and moving rhythmically.  
Oh dear, how long had it been going?  We pulled off to the side of the line and got him out and held him while people streamed by.  It only lasted about a minute and a half but he was quite tired afterward.  We went ahead and rode the ride was pretty tame and he could sit on my lap.

We get a kick out of this picture of Ariel's Undersea's right down Abby's alley and Josh looks like he's not quite sure what he's doing there.

Next, we crossed the park and ended up in Hollywood land.
Monsters Inc. was fun.  I loved the doors was just like the movie

We sat through a Muppet 3-D show that was fun.

There were some crazy things going on in that area at dusk...

A large bird decided Andy's hat looked rather tasty :)
There was one building that had lots of fun, quick things for the kids to do...
Abby, Josh and I learned how to draw Tigger at the Animation Academy,
We all talked with Crush from Nemo.  That was quite an amazing thing actually.
Crush was on a screen (that looked like a big tank) and he would interact and have a dialogue with the kids.  His movements went with what he was doing and everything.  It was pretty cool.
Abby asked him if he had ever been to Disneyland.  When she told him that's where they actually were, he swam to the surface, looked around and was surprised at what he saw up there :)  It was cute!
One I didn't do but Ben did with Grandma and Dad was The Sorcerer's Workshop.
While he was waiting for the rest of us to come out of one of the attractions, Ben had fun "hanging" out with Grandpa and Grandma, free from his stroller.  He danced around to the music and was so happy and carefree.

And that was the end of our second day.  We purposefully ended a little earlier since we had plans to get up early and head to Cars Land...hoping that our 'one hour early' advantage that came with our package would help us bypass most of the crowds during opening week.

We shuffled back to the hotel and once again, the kids fell right asleep...this time, Ben would not sleep in his bed so I pulled him in with know how in a hotel room you do anything to keep your kids quiet :)

That's all for tonight folks.  I went running tonight for the first time since the marathon.  I think I over did it a  bit and I have a whopper of a headache.
I'll try to finish up tomorrow night.

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  1. I was wondering why all of these photos looked familiar--I even checked the date on the post to make sure it was a new one. Then I had my "duh" moment, realizing we had looked at them with you last night. But fun to see them again. Cute last shot of Ben. : )