Thursday, June 14, 2012

"Owl Miss You" rice bags

So I wanted something to give to Ben's therapists from the 'Up to 3' program.  They have been coming into our home and helping Ben for the last two years.  They're wonderful ladies as I think I mentioned in an earlier post.  Now that Ben's 3 they won't be coming any more.

I had seen on Pinterest, and loved the phrase "Owl Miss You" paired with something owlish.
I thought that would be perfect.  Now to find the right owl thing...

Suzanne from Just Another Hang Up came to my rescue.  On her blog she offers a free pattern and tutorial for these cute little owl rice bags...the kind you heat in the microwave and use on your aches and pains.

I was going to show you my first attempt, but decided against it :)
I struggled a bit with my zigzag stitch...the only 'decorative' stitch I feel comfortable with on my old machine... I also improvised on the eyes a bit but I think they turned out okay.

I think this blue guy is my favorite.

They were really quite fast and simple to whip up once I got the hang of it :)

I wish I would have had time to make one for me and test it out before I gave these away.  I hope they hold up to the wear and tear of the microwave.
Anyway, they were fun and I hope the ladies like them.

Thank you so much Sherry, Jamie and Joan!  We really will miss you.

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  1. Very sweet gifts, Aimee. Who wouldn't love them?
    I love the photo of Ben wearing the glasses. : )