Monday, July 16, 2012

"They're GIGANTIC!!!"

...said the ENT when she looked in Matt's mouth.

He posed nicely for me here :)

(I was almost done with this big old long post when I lost it...all of you might be really lucky and get a condensed version here as I retype...I emphasize "might".)

Okay, so a couple of months ago I took Matt in because he's always been a loud breather/sleeper and I had recently discovered, what I thought to be, an obstruction in his nose.
The doctor said that what I thought was causing the problem was really not a big deal, enlarged yes, but not to the point of being a problem, 'but boy, those tonsils sure are big!'
He prescribed some Nasonex and something else to see if it took care of it but if not, to think about getting the tonsils/adenoids out.
Matt couldn't stand the nasal spray and it was a fight every day so I eventually gave up.
Just the last few weeks he has started sounding super congested when he talks and he's developed a habit of, what Andy calls, "reverse sniffling".  He quickly puffs out air like he's trying to expel something.  He's doing it constantly throughout the day and he doesn't even realize it.
So, I thought it was time to take him back in.
When I made the appointment Matt was quite upset.  He complained and whined that he didn't want to go.  That lasted a few days and then he forgot about it.
This morning, about half an hour before we had to leave for the appointment, I told him where we were going and he threw a fit.  He cried and refused to do the things he needed to do to get ready.  I ended up brushing his teeth for him and washing his face.  I about had to carry him to the car.  I told him early on that he could have a treat afterward if he cooperated.  He seemed to like the idea but it didn't affect his behavior much.  I had to physically pull him out of the car and guide him to the building.  It shouldn't have bothered me but I wondered what all the other people in the parking lot were thinking as I dragged a screaming child into the hospital :)  He even sat down on the steps a few feet away from the entrance and refused to go in.  Using the treat as leverage, I was able to convince him to go in on his own accord with a good attitude.  Once inside he sat quietly on my lap while we waited to be seen.  I gently traced the lines in the palms of his hands to try and calm his nerves (he loves this and often asks me to do it during church).
I was afraid we would have tears in the office but Matt did great!  After the PA looked in his mouth and made her exclamation she told me she loved it when it was so cut and dry and there was no question what should be done.  She was so good with him and put him at ease as she talked to him and explained things so that he could understand them.  She was super nice and sensitive to the fact that there were some fears present.  (I wish she would have a talk with Josh's anesthesiologist.)  By the time we were leaving, Matt walked out of the hospital with a spring in his step and a smile on his face.
On the way home I stopped and got him an ice cream cone (of which I ended up eating the majority because he said he was full :).  I asked him if he felt any better about getting his tonsils out to which he replied, "A tiny bit better."
So, we are set up for the 10th of August.
All three of my boys are spending time in the hospital this summer...and they're all two weeks apart.
Now who thought that was a good idea?  Well, at least we're keeping things exciting!
 Let's have one more look at those things...

How about an update on Josh?
He's doing super!
 As a matter of fact, yesterday at church, his doctor asked Andy if the last few days had been pretty bad.  When Andy responded that Josh really hadn't felt much pain, he was floored.  He said that he had totally expected it to be much worse than the last one and thought he'd even have to prescribe something stronger than the Lortab he originally prescribed.
Well, we're chalking it up as a miracle and are so grateful that it's going so well.
As a matter of fact, we're having a hard time keeping him down.  He's often popping up on his crutches to go to the bathroom or do some other small thing.  I have to keep reminding him to lay down and put his foot up.
We've been able to back off the medicine quite a bit the last couple of days too.
What a blessing!

Andy and I have the best families!  They are so supportive and helpful.
The first two day my mom was there watching the other kids and cleaning my house.  I told her that lately she's been cleaning it more than I have :)
Then Friday, Andy's parents came and spent the night and a good chunk of Saturday with us.

Ben loves his "Bapas" (Grandpas).  When either of them are/is (which one is it?) around he will have pretty much nothing to do with anyone else.  

Sunday I stayed home from church with Josh.  We decided to fill that time with things that would be comparable to going to we read scriptures and Ensigns and indexed.  Josh wanted to learn how to index for his birthday a couple of months ago.  I'm impressed with how well he has picked it up.  He still needs a lot of help deciphering handwriting but he knows what he's doing...I think it's great.

For a parting shot I leave you with his X-ray.  Since I thought the flesh and blood picture was a bit too graphic to share on the blog I figured just the bone picture would be fine.

He has two steel plates and four screws in this one.  The doc. described to me how he put the screws in and then tightened them up to fuse the two bones together...interesting.


  1. Wow, in that second shot I can really see the tonsils, and I don't know how he breaths!
    It is amazing how good Josh feels--what a tender mercy.

  2. Oh wow! I would say that's entirely TOO much time in the hospital! Please let us know if we can do anything to help out! When does Ben start his Keto diet?

  3. Come on. I want the blood and gutts picture!

    Those tonsils in the second picture were impressive. You guys have had quite the medically exciting summer. Sorry about that. Missed you at family camp.

  4. All I can say is WOW. You amaze me! Talk about adventures! Hope everyone recovers well and that things calm down for you guys!