Monday, September 3, 2012

Swiss Days

Thursday evening Andy and I took the kids to the Brigham City Temple open house.


It was lovely.  Ben kept pointing to pictures of the Savior and doing his sign for "Jesus".  He got so excited about each one.  He also loved the chandeliers.  My favorite was the ceiling in one of the sealing rooms :)
The center circle was a hand painted, beautiful baby blue background with peach blossoms outlined in gold.  It was quite striking.  
The kids were well behaved and I think it was a pleasant experience for all.

Afterward we went and got some dinner and ate in the car...mainly because of Ben's diet.  It's hard to go into a restaurant and have him see all the food he used to enjoy.  In the car we can keep him in his seat facing forward while the kids sit behind him and one of us adults sits in front of him while the other one feeds him his own food.  I changed my clothes in the restaurant restroom and then we met up with Andy's sister and brother in law and co.  I hopped in the car with them while Andy drove the kids home.  We were off to Park City so we could venture out the next day to Swiss Days in Midway.
(Andy and the kids had school the next day so they came down Friday evening.)
It was strange being at my in-laws home without the rest of my family.  I was able to relax though :)
After a pretty good night's rest (I woke up a couple of times in the very early morning...and later found out that they were about the times that Ben had two different seizures.  Poor Andy), my mother in law and three sisters in law drove to Swiss Days which is basically a gigantic craft fair among other things.  I had never been before and was so excited!
Midway is a beautiful little community in a lovely green valley with a Swiss heritage.  Some of the buildings are even in the Swiss style.

Up to 100,000 visitors come each year over the course of two days.  Hence, it was extremely crowded, even on the least busy of the days.  There were moments where you were stuck in traffic and literally couldn't move any way to get to where you wanted to be.  It was crazy!  The weather was beautiful though.  It was over cast most of the time and we even got a little sprinkle (yes, to me that is beautiful :).  We did have hot sun for about an hour but the rest of the day was extremely pleasant.

I absolutely loved all the hand made goodies at each booth.  There were some extremely unique and clever items.  I did end up buying quite a number of small things.  Luckily, I had brought a large bag with me to hold all my treasures.  

I loved the style of these beautiful paintings!  Oh how I wish I could paint!

We enjoyed a lunch of Navajo tacos and scones.  Yum!

I loved this guy's hat...a piece of garlic with a Swiss flag.  He was demonstrating a garlic press or something.
 We were there 5 or 6 hours before we felt like we had seen everything.
We had so much fun and I really hope that we will be able to make it a tradition for us gals each year.

Andy and the kids came later that night and the next day was a super duper celebration for Andy's grandpa's 90th birthday.  Many people came to wish him well...most of them I didn't know but it was fun to meet new people...especially some of Andy's aunts and uncles that I had not met yet.  As usual, the kids were pretty much oblivious to everything except playing with their cousins.
I wish I had taken some pictures of this event :(

We drove home late that night after the partying was over and spent Labor Day putting our house and yard back in order after much neglect over the past few weeks.  It feels good to have things in place again for the most part.  Tomorrow starts my "mornings to myself".
I'll have to let you know how I fare :)


  1. Looks like Swiss Days is a very popular event. I've often heard about it, but have never been. Glad you had a good time.
    Mornings to yourself--they fly by. That midday bus arrives before you know it. Enjoy!

  2. What a fun time!! Our annual "girls only weekend" is coming up at the end of September! We go to Warrenton, Texas for trade days - crafts, junk, collectibles, antiques!! We spend about two and half days and it is a lot of fun!

    Enjoy your mornings!