Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Hype

 We carved pumpkins the night before Halloween.

 Here are all four costumes finished and ready for the morning.

 My mom sure came to the rescue with the costumes.
She made Abby's skirt, tail, collar and cuffs and Ben's hat, tail and shirt.
Everything turned out amazing!  Thanks Mom!

 Josh's costume presented quite a challenge.  The kids couldn't wear face paint to school so I had to find some way to make him look Frankensteinish without a green face.  First I tried the bottom half of a milk jug which worked okay, but this box turned out better I think.

 Ben was too stinkin' cute in his costume.  He loves "Go-Go" (Cat in the Hat).  He was thrilled with his hat.  We had arranged it so it could fit on top of his helmet for school but when I tried to take it off and put his helmet on he got quite upset and wouldn't allow it.  He wanted that hat right on top of his head.

 Ben saw Matt pose and wanted to take a crack at it.

 Abby and I tried our hands at some candy corn fingernails.

 We visited Grandpa and Grandma Kidd.

 The kids had fun playing with the many cats.

 We visited Grandma O.

 Ben had fun on the mini trampoline with the stuffed bears.

 We also visited my aunt and uncle and cousins and then went over to Grandma Jannie's and "Bapa"'s house.

 I wouldn't let Matt have his ninja swords until he went trick or treating in the neighborhood.  He finally felt complete :)

It's been tradition for a few years now to have my family come over to our house Halloween night.
We have dinner and hand out the candy and watch Halloween cartoons and eat treats.

 Bapa got quite the belly laughs out of Ben!

 Ben finally learned to "say" his Uncle James' name.  It sounds like "day" but it is definitely intended as his name.

 Our good friend Rosie the Riveter (Trina) dropped in for a bit.
I took this picture and then told Ben to open his eyes...

...this is what he did :)

I enjoy Halloween to a degree...the fun, festive side (not the creepy/scary) but I always seem to feel a bit of relief once the night is over and we step right into November and some more meaningful holidays.


  1. Fun, fun, fun! I may have to "lift" a photo or two of the kids to post on my blog. Some have asked to see the costumes I made. You got better photos of them than I did.

  2. I love the adorable costumes! And Josh's headpiece is so well done and creative. Great job!

  3. It was so fun to see you all, the kids looked great and it looks like you had a good time too :)