Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lots of fun little things

So it's been a long time since I've posted.  Some fun things have happened.  I will attempt to give you the run down.
Starting with Friday...
Early October Andy and I got serious about getting rid of our dying unsmart phones and upgrading.  It seemed kind of extravagant to me to get a fancy new smart phone so I decided I needed to earn it.  I had 11 pounds of excess weight hanging around that I have been trying to get rid of a long time.  

pretend you don't see the dust on that plant...or the googly eye :)

I've had these two little jars with pom poms {representing pounds to be lost and pounds lost} sitting on my bathroom counter for months now...(Pinterest).  The pom poms have gone back and forth, back and forth...but never all of them in the left hand jar.
Well it took me about a month and a lot of coaching from my little bro but I finally reached my goal weight.  I'd been trying to decide which phone was the one for me as I got closer to qualifying for my prize.  The most important feature to me wS the camera.  I finally settled on the Samsung Galaxy III.
I dragged Andy to the t mobile store Friday night and we made a date of it. 
Andy ended up getting one too although he's not quite sold on it yet.  He has two weeks to decide if it's a keeper or if he wants to go with an iPhone.  I am completely happy with mine.  It's been fun playing around with it and figuring it out.  As a matter of fact I'm blogging with it right now :)
On to the next fun thing...
Saturday morning Abby and I had a mother/daughter activity at the church.  It was so cute.  The ladies in charge certainly out did themselves.  We had a light breakfast and then had a sweet little activity.  We made journals in which to write back and forth to each other.  What a fun idea!  We also assembled thank you cards for the parents in the NICU to use.  They had a fun little photo booth with props.  The next day they had the pictures printed and framed for us.

I will have to make this a to be continued as I am kind of tired...
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1 comment:

  1. Very cute photos of you and your little gal!
    Congrats on making your goal--I didn't realize that you had "earned" your phone.
    I like the journal idea, and the idea of making cards for NICU parents to use. I have been wanting to do something for the NICU. I need life to slow down! : )