Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Long one and a Thick one

This afternoon I put Ben down for his nap and went to rest on my own bed.  I had a hard time falling asleep.  My mind got going on a project I have in mind but am not sure if I could take on.  As I was mulling details over in my brain I heard a distant beeping.  
I jumped up and ran into Ben's bedroom.  
I don't know how long he had been seizing.  We have the monitor set to go off after 13 seconds of rhythmic movement but I've tested it several times the last couple of months and I can never get it to go off...even after a full minute.
Thus, I have been nervous and not very confident in our monitor again.
(Since the new one arrived, it has alerted us to one seizure and not gone off during one...that we know of.)
So, I cannot tell you how relieved I was that it had worked.  He rarely seizes during nap time...again, as far as we know.
I took him out of bed and lay him on my lap.  I didn't have Matt rush off and get the oxygen, pulse ox, and meds since most of the time, once we get them out and ready, he stops soon thereafter.
This one kept going and going.  At about 5 minutes I had him go grab the stuff.
Between 6 and 7 minutes he stopped...before I gave him any meds.  I probably should have by then but I tend to hold out a little bit just in case it does stop on its own.
After it was over he was stiff as a board and cried and cried.  His legs and tears didn't relax for half an hour.  He was inconsolable.  Finally, he squeaked out a pitiful "Dada".  Luckily, Andy was done teaching so I gave him a call and Ben spoke to him.  Andy said he would come right home.  Ben finally fell asleep before he arrived but opened his eyes and saw him next to the bed.  He said a precious, little, "Dada - Ho?"  Andy held him for a minute and then he was happy to snuggle back into me :)
All is well now.  He recovered well.

He had a similar seizure a month or two ago when I was gone.  Andy said he cried and was stiff for a long time afterward.  It makes us wonder what the difference is between the ones when he cries post seizure and the ones when he falls asleep immediately and naps for hours.
So many mysteries...

I love waiting for a package!
Ever since the beginning of the year I have wanted to make my first year of blogging into a book.
I tried a popular site and was super frustrated.  I was going to have to put in hours of work to get it the way I wanted...but before I could do that I had to figure out how to do what I wanted!
There had to be an easier way!
I searched a little more online and came across blog2print.
Just a few quick clicks and my book was ready to go!
Could that really be it?
Now, granted, there were a couple of things I wish I could have customized a little more...the cover, varying picture sizes within the book, and font.
But hey!  I saved hours!
I was surprised to see the price of the book but then realized I had over 400 pages!
I did some calculations and found out that the price was comparable per page with the other site.
That made me feel better so I placed the order.
Before two weeks was up my package arrived and I am thrilled with my book!

I felt kind of proud as I flipped through it.

I think when Andy saw it he felt a little better about the price too.  He seemed impressed :)
I've seen Josh with it in his hands about every spare moment he has had since it came.
I thought he was just flipping through casually, looking at the pictures and reading snippets here and there but I found out tonight that he's reading every word, page by page.

Look at how thick that puppy is.

Next year I have a feeling it will be much smaller.
I've slowed down a bit in my posts.
I think I've done 18 posts so far this year and last year at this time I had written nearly 50!


  1. Poor lil Ben. That must be so hard for you. I can't even imagine. I'm so glad he recovered well. And your blog book is awesome!! I might have to try that!

  2. I was hoping you'd have a relaxing afternoon. That's a bummer! Your skirt is really cute, I'll have to use that tutorial to make one since I've been wanting to try one too. :) Your book looks awesome! Abby's a trooper, having all brothers must be hard sometimes. Good luck with soccer season!

  3. I don't know how I missed this post. It wasn't showing up when I checked blogs this morning.
    I didn't know there was still a problem with your monitor. Have you considered a video monitor in his room? Poor little guy--and how stressful for you!
    Wow--that is quite a book! Have you put anything on your blog you'd rather not have Josh read? Just curious. I thought I remembered you saying something about that once.

  4. Poor Ben. No wonder he takes such long naps, that would exhaust even a big person's system.

    I'm glad you've done the print research. I've been thinking I should do that some day. Now I have to know, how much does 400 color pages cost to print?