Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bunting Questions and Fancy Bananas

So, for all you crafters and wanna be crafters out there...
if you were to go to a craft fair and were to see a booth selling kits to make these...

...would you buy one?
Would you spend $20 on it?
If you wouldn't buy one, is it because it's a kit and not a finished product?

How about these...

Would you buy a finished mini bunting?
Would you pay$5?

I'm just looking for some feedback :)
(please be honest with me)

Completely changing gears here...
my kitchen counter is often a mess; especially in the corner area.
One of the things cluttering the space is our collection of bananas....whether they be green, yellow or very brown :)
I saw a cute idea on Pinterest to attach one of those metal baskets with a flat back to your wall underneath your cupboards and use it to store your bananas (I couldn't find the original source).
It looked super cute!  I looked at the first few places that came to mind but couldn't find one.  (Lowe's and Home Depot didn't come to mind...they probably would have them :)
Anyway, I found myself at Hobby Lobby desperately wanting to do something about my banana dilemma.
This is what I came up with and I'm pretty happy with it...even Andy likes it!

  I think it makes our bananas look so elegant...even if they are ready for banana bread :)
I know, it's kind of dorky to blog about your bananas but there you go!


  1. The perfect solution for bananas. I hope you put it on pinterest!

  2. Way to be resourceful with the bananas!! And I think that your buntings are so adorable. I think those prices are very reasonable. If you ask my husband he would say $50, but anyway! Are you wanting to sell them as a kit or put together? I think you might could even get $20 for a kit and maybe $25-$30 for it all together!