Monday, July 29, 2013

Kidd Camp

I almost combined this with my last post but I figured there would be too many pictures for one I've never done that before :) haha!

For as long as I can remember it's been a tradition to have an extended family camping trip the weekend of Grandpa's birthday.
Many great memories there as well.

 It was so fun to have my sister and her husband back in the valley for a minute :)
They live in New Hampshire now and we don't see them nearly enough.

Some Minute to Win it games were organized and it was great to see my kids get involved...

...and Mom...

...and Grandma :)!

My camera died at this point :(...but luckily Mom had hers hard at work :)

Ben being silly

He fell asleep in my arms which is pretty rare if he hasn't just had a seizure.

Here, Grandma is telling me what an angel he is

Josh and Matt slept in their own tent and the plan was for the rest of us to sleep in another one together but due to a leak in the air mattress, Andy 'slept' in the van.
The morning was extremely pleasant since there was a light rain and the temperatures lowered considerably.

On Uncle David's motorcycle

Someone didn't want to eat his breakfast.  C'mon, who wouldn't want chicken and mayo for their first meal of the day?

Out for a walk with Uncle James

Ben loves independently filling up his water cup!  We sat here for quite a while :)

Over here Andy...

Our little family hasn't actually camped overnight for the last few years because of Ben but I really wanted to try it this year.  I  knew the hardest part would be keeping Ben happy and safe since he doesn't enjoy being contained in his stroller unless it's moving.  Thus, we spent just one night - going up in the evening and leaving the next morning. 
It was kind of hard but with so many helping hands it was very doable.

We had a great time and I think it went well enough that we can plan on spending the night again next year.


  1. We were so glad you were able to make it this year. It was great fun to have the family all together, and to see your kids involved in the skit and games. Great memories!

  2. I love all these sweet pictures!