Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ben, Ben, and more Ben

Ben had his first day of school this week.
The bus caught me off guard by coming sooner than expected so I forgot to get a picture before school.  
I had the presence of mind to get one (or more :) when he came home though.

Ignore the gigantic crack between the sidewalk and our steps because I'm too lazy to go back and crop it out :)

He came home happy as ever so I assumed he had a really good day.
I was worried about transitioning to a new school, new teachers and a new bus driver and aide but really, things have gone without a glitch.
Have I mentioned that all four of the kids are in the same school this year?  I love that!
Next year Josh will move on to middle school and Ben will be bussed to a different elementary school for the K-3 I will cherish and enjoy this year :)

Looking back...

I found a few pictures from earlier this summer that I thought should make it into a post...

Ben makes an awfully cute doctor don't you think?

We had some fires on the mountainside near our home a couple of weeks ago.
It was quite smokey for several days.
Andy took these shots walking home from church with Ben while the rest of us stayed for choir practice.

Andy sent this one to me in a text with the following caption:
"Ben, happy in the Shire before his quest to destroy the ring in Mt Doom."
Ha!  Love that husband of mine :)

I had a few sweet family and friends call/email me today making sure I had seen this:
(I think it's kind of funny that the author made such a point of the family being LDS :) 
It's been such a hot topic of late.  We've read and heard other stories of kids with Dravet having miracle-like benefits from medical marijuana. It was fun to see a story about it from within our own state.
It will be interesting to see what happens in the future.


  1. Sounds like maybe you need to move to another state! :) My sister used to use medical marijuana for chronic pain, but I'm not sure if she still does. I know her husband used to make a real effort to find strains for her that were high in CBD and low in THC.

  2. Love the photos of Ben (and isn't Andy clever?).
    That story was on every network news tonight and two friends called to make sure I was watching it.

  3. HE is too cute! And can't you just see Ben with a joint... how funny, or weird! Love that face!

  4. After reading the article it was nothing like getting high. It needs to lose the stigma, especially if it will make a difference (oh, and not make you high).

    Loved Andy's text!