Thursday, October 3, 2013

Celebrating 7!

This handsome guy turned SEVEN today!

I can't believe that was 7 years ago, and yet it seems a lifetime know how those dream like experiences are :)

7 Year Celebration:
I was able to take treats into his Spanish class this morning.
I've been told a lot lately that he is such a smiley guy and people love his smile.  
It's true!  He does have a great smile!

This afternoon, when the kids got home from school, he opened his presents.  He had asked for a remote control car. 

Andy's parents came and Matt chose Pizza Pie Cafe for dinner.
Then we went to a soccer game in the was really just more of a scrimmage so it wasn't too long and we survived.  Nancy stayed in the car with the other kids while Andy, Merill and I watched Matt play.  
He's a great little player :)

Then home for more presents and cake and ice cream.

 Matt loves to pose!

A few things about Matt:
He is sweet and cuddly.
He always wants someone to play a game with him.
He is talented in so many areas.
He is our most daring and outgoing child.
He has an awesome sense of humor.
He is friendly to everyone.
He loves to draw pictures and then give them to family members.

Happy Birthday Matt! 
We sure love you!


  1. I find myself smiling as I look at these photos and think about Matt. He is such a great kid! Love the pose in the soccer ball slippers. Can't wait until we celebrate on Sunday!

  2. Happy, happy birthday Matt!!! What an awesome family you have!!! I feel so blessed to be able to share such special tidbits!!

    P.S. Give your mom a special hug from me!!!

  3. He is just so animated and so adorable. I enjoy him. You are so lucky to be his mom. He's pretty lucky to have you, too.