Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Newly Nine

I have a lovely, new, little nine year old in my home! :)

Abby is a sweetheart!
I am so grateful for her presence in our family.

A cute cousin wrote a sweet email to Abby for her birthday:
"Well, since you're turning 9 I'm going to list 9 reasons why you're a cool cousin!
1st you're stupendous
2nd you're really smart
3rd you make me laugh!
4th you have a great smile
5th you're adventurous
6th you're really kind
7th your hair is like silk
8th you're about my age!!!!!"

...and I just barely noticed that there is no number nine...ha!...that's so cute!

I would like to add that she is an awesome little artist!  She amazes me each time she shows me a picture she's drawn.
She is also a huge help as a big sister.  I can always count on her to help with Ben...even when I don't ask.  That means so much!

Here we are celebrating the night before at Grandma and Grandpa Olsen's house...

 (as I think I've mentioned before, we celebrate Abby's and her uncle James' birthday together since they are only a day apart)

 I'm sad that these last few are blurry, but I had to add them anyway...


 Everyone had to try on the muffs!

celebrating the day of with Grandpa and Grandma Bryan... 

Two, silly brothers!

For some reason, Abby has a thing for foxes.  I had to get this cute sweater when I saw it!

A second hand American Girl doll with which she is totally happy :)

A doll size hula outfit to match her own first costume.

Ben entertained himself by pulling Grandpa's socks off.

We were all so stuffed from our dinner out that we had to save her cake and ice cream for the next day!...

Abby requested a Root Beer Float cake.

Love you Sweet Abby!


  1. Happy, happy, happy birthday to your little sweet girl!!!
    Blessings, hugs and prayers!!!

  2. Fun times! I love the poem! Abby requested a what? I don't see that anywhere. Was it the root beer cake?
    I just sent you my photos from Sunday night.

  3. Happy Birthday Abby! Love that fox shirt too!