Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Pre Christmas Celebrations

Kidd Family Christmas Party

My mom's side of the family gathers every year right before Christmas.  My mom, her parents, her three siblings and all their kids and grandkids.  It's a full house...this year we actually did it at a church house.
 My treat platter...red velvet pinwheels, white chocolate, gingerbread oreo blondies, and candy cane kiss chocolate crinkles.

My sweet aunt planned our party around stockings this year.  We were all supposed to wear fun, festive socks and she had a stocking for Ben and my cute cousin's son who has a very rare blood disorder.  She encouraged family members to come prepared to donate to the two causes.  It was such a sweet idea.

Josh and Matt both surprised us by volunteering the Christmas piano pieces for the talent show :)

All the kids dressed up for the nativity except for Ben who refused.

Grandkid gift exchange

Ben was thrilled to receive "Go Go ornaments".

Me with my Ireland living cousin and her husband.

Me and Ben with my cousin Josie (Forrest's mom).
Mom caught us planning possible future joint fundraisers.

Christmas Eve

Christmas eve was spent at Mom and Dad's.

 Ben and Bapa doing "Wheels on the Bus" on the iPad.
We had dinner, some spiritual reflection on the true meaning of Christmas and then
we went ahead and opened presents from Grandma and Grandpa.
Josh with a new book series and Matt with a spirograph.

 Abby got a beautiful new green dress for her doll.

 Ben received some nifty car tracks that he loves.

 A new case for my laptop.

 My silly brothers having musical Christmas fun.

And with that, we were off to our home to tuck in our children and let sugarplums dance through their heads.
Oh, the anticipation of Christmas Eve!

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