Monday, February 17, 2014

Banners, Bundt Cakes and a Bag

So, it's been forever since I posted any crafty stuff.  The blog has been a little top heavy in the recording of family doings lately.
I have been doing some things in my craft corner though :)

My first real project with my new Silhouette Cameo {Christmas gift from Andy} was, of course, a banner...

I am amazed at the detail of which it is capable. (Didn't that sound so grammatically correct? :)

There is much trial and error involved in learning how to use my fancy new machine.  I'm afraid I'm a rather slow learner, but hopefully, soon, I will be able to show some fun projects made with the Silhouette.

During Novemberfest, a nice woman asked if I would make a custom chalkboard banner for her Special Ed. classroom.  When I agreed, she went and bought the fabric and brought it to me right then.
She told me not to hurry, and I'm so glad because it took me quite a while to recover from the holidays.
She was very patient and I finally made it and delivered it a couple of weeks ago.

Lest you think I am only able to make banners these days, let me show you a couple of other fun things I've worked on.

In my church, I coordinate all the women to visit each other frequently and take care of each other's needs.  I work with 8 women who, in turn, supervise 10-14 women each.
Recently, I did a training for my supervisors and made some thank you gifts to express my appreciation for all the work they do.

These are Red Velvet, Mini Bundt Cakes...recipe here.

I found this super cute printable here.

I coordinated my training hand out with pink paper...

...and there we go :)

Remember, another thing I can make is a bag. {Previous Post Here}
I made this one as a {three month late} birthday gift for my good friend and neighbor.

She chose the fabric.  I love the combination :)


  1. Very pretty snowflake banner. I don't think I had looked at it closely enough to realize the snowflakes were cut. I just thought it was the design on paper.
    What wonderful "Thank You" gifts you made! I'll bet the women felt special!
    The rainbow colored banner turned out very nice.
    I do love the belated birthday bag.
    When do you do all of this--wait, I think I know the answer! : )

  2. Love your creativity! And how cool you have a silhouette! I'm sure you'll get good use out of it!