Friday, May 16, 2014

Day of Mothers 2014

I have a counter full of lovely flowers from Andy...

a dear friend...

and my sweet mother.

I feel very loved!

Even though this isn't a mother's day gift, I have to mention this fun plant given to me by Ben's preschool teacher!  I mentioned that they fascinated me and she brought one to me at Ben's transition meeting :)  So sweet!
This is a mimosa plant.  When it feels "threatened" (i.e. when it is touched or bothered) it's leaves close up and bend down.  It is quite awesome!
Thanks so much Bailee!

Andy also had the kids bring me balloons :)

...and breakfast in bed (I didn't think to take a picture until it was all gone but it was yummy!)

...and these are all the cards from the kids.  I love that Matt selflessly gave me one of his dollars :)

Ben curled up next to me for my mother's day nap after church :)

Then, after dinner at Mom and Dad's we went to the farm for our usual trip.  But this time, there was something extra...

My cute cousin had found 6 abandoned kittens in the haystack and took them home to mother them.

This one of Josh is so precious to me.

They were darling and the kids and I absolutely adored them.

Matt especially took to "Good Luck" here.

Ben wasn't as enthralled by them as I expected him to be but I think he still enjoyed it.

We also stopped by Grandma O.'s house to wish her a happy Mother's Day.

This was my home folks.  The view I grew up with as a child.  Isn't it lovely?

Walking back from the farm I couldn't help but take some pictures of these places I love.
(Yes, I grew up in a geodesic dome :)  It was awesome!

Remember our old treehouse Ang?

So I got some nostolgic pictures but how in the world did I fail to get a picture of my mother on Mother's Day?!
So here's a shout out to her and the wonderful mother that she has been and continues to be to me and my siblings and her grandchildren.
Love you so much Mom!
Any good that I might hold flowed directly into my soul from you.


  1. Another wonderful installment of the Bryan Family Saga! Always a joy to read!!

    Blessings and hugs!

  2. Oh, Aimee, you choked me up. So sweet--thank you!
    Bless Matt's heart for sharing a dollar with you!
    Love the photos of the kids with the kittens! That is a great one of Josh. Cute shot of him with "Good Luck". Abby with the kitten getting away, and the little one peering out of the box. So fun!
    Ben hugging grandma, and napping with you--love 'em!!
    Do you remember that we had a plant like that a couple of times? They are fun.

  3. Love that view! It is breathtaking!

  4. I love those big mountains!! Picturesque for sure!