Thursday, June 19, 2014

End of School Stuff

I tried to cram all the end of year goings on into one post so forgive me for the length and number of pictures.

The reading counts Scholastic program is pretty big at our school.  
The kids read books and then take quizzes on them to earn points.
Awards start at 25 points and originally went up to 500.
All the 500 pointers (Iditarod Champions) stood up and did a chant to start off the assembly.

Matt worked hard and got 250 points before the deadline.
He looks really happy about it doesn't he?

When Josh was in second grade he continued to earn points after he reached 500 and had 1000 by the end of the year.
The librarian created a new award (Hot Dog) and presented it to him.
This year, there were five kids in the school who earned Hot Dog.  The librarian unexpectedly made special mention of Josh since he will be moving on to middle school next year and has earned 1000 points every year since the beginning of Heritage El. (his 2nd grade year).
It was kind of her to recognize him that way.

Getting high fives on his way back to his seat.

All those who earn 250 points and above are invited to a breakfast in the library at the end of the year.  I was so proud of all of my kids reading their way to the breakfast :)
Way to go guys!

Every year the 5th graders all participate in a civil war reenactment.
I had never seen it before and was quite impressed and thoroughly enjoyed it.
The kids were told which side they were on (so they knew what color to dress in), and each brought 50 water balloons to school.  Josh told me about a week before the war that they could wear moustaches if they wanted so I made sure I bought a black make up pencil for the occasion.  As he was rushing to catch his ride that morning he realized he had forgotten to put it on.  I told him to hold on a second while I finished something else up and didn't notice him run out of the room.  He came back ten seconds later with a big, hurriedly drawn moustache on his face.  He had used a Sharpie for the job.  I rolled my eyes and off he went.
It looks like it didn't last throughout the day anyway...  

The kids had such a blast!

I'm sure someone had fun cleaning up all the water balloon remains :)

The reenacted several of the major battles.

The ending was sobering as they each came out onto the field and knelt down holding a headstone of a soldier that died in the war.

It was a very neat experience and I can't wait until the other kids are in 5th grade :)

Ben graduated from Preschool...
They did a cute little program and then presented each child with their diploma.
In this second picture I was pointing to my mom who was holding the camera and trying to get Ben to see her and smile.

He finally caught sight of her :)

Cheering his classmates on.

Ben was kind of a hard nut to crack that day.  He was feigning disinterest and indifference most of the time.

One of his favorite teachers finally got through his shell though.

Grandma kept him happy with a cup of water.

The head teacher, Ms. Bailee.  He smiled for that one but then when we tried to get him to back up and pose with all the teachers and aides...

He was worried about his water and then was outta there!

The bus driver that filled in for the last part of the year ended up being a cute friend that I grew up with.

For teacher gifts I just did some gift cards.
This one I adapted from an idea I saw on Pinterest.

And this one I came up with on my own.
At least I think I did...maybe it's been done before but I don't think I've seen it.
Anyway, I can't believe another school year has finished up.
They seem to go by so quickly.

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