Friday, June 20, 2014

Recent Odds and Ends

Kindergarten shots.  Good thing there's a huge tank of fish to help it be a good experience ;)

My Hoya Rubra bloomed again.  It's a rare occurrence and I savor it when it happens.
It always reminds me of Grandma O.'s bright sunny kitchen.
The soft, velvety pink petals with the plastic like star center has always fascinated me.
They also have a unique scent when they bloom.

Caught Matt being an awesome big brother and reading to Ben.
He actually does it quite often and loves it!

We've had the kids doing (somewhat) weekly swimming lessons since March.
It's been very good for them...each having a half hour lesson with their cute, private teacher while the other two have an hour of free time in the pool.
They're coming along and I hope to have them proficient within the near future.

So, a couple of weeks ago, I got home from shopping with Abby in the evening.  A few minutes later I got a phone call from our neighbor asking if we were coming to pack meeting that night.  Josh had already turned 11 (but to be honest, I didn't know enough about scouts to know that you no longer do pack meeting when you aren't a cub scout anymore).   So I just asked what they were planning on doing and he replied that they were planning on giving Josh his Arrow of Light award.  This was the first I had heard of it :)  Pack meeting had started 15 minutes earlier and they were waiting for us to arrive!  Yikes!!!  I told him we would be there and yelled at Josh to get his shirt on.  Andy was just hopping out of the shower so he stayed with the other kids while I ran to the church with Josh.   How embarrassing!  Of course, in my rush I didn't have my camera or my phone with me so the other Arrow of Light family took some pics for me.  Thanks so much Leah!
We had the honor of putting most of the paint on the boys' faces.

Proud of my Josh

Our same neighbor that had called us had made these nice, wood burned plaques for the boys.
Even though it was very impromptu for us, it was still a nice evening :)

A woman in our ward arranged a service project for a family shelter near by.
It gave me a great excuse to go through all the tubs of kids clothes I have stacked up downstairs.
I was able to week out the things that I didn't think we needed and pass them along.

Also, they were redoing the boys' room with a superhero theme.  I volunteered to make some vinyl decorations for the walls...

Super fun!  I hope to be able to see a picture of the completed room some time.

Another evening with kittens at my aunt and uncle's home.  The kids just adore these cuties.

We had to teach Ben how to not strangle them :)

However, later that night, Josh and Matt had a pretty strong allergic reaction.  Josh especially.  His eyes were so swollen and red.  He was miserable.  I don't know if it was all the kittens or the wind that was whipping stuff up into the air...probably a combination of both.
This last Sunday when we went out to Mom and Dad's they weren't tempted at all to go see their little friends.  Luckily, Abby seems to have no reaction to speak of.

My mom's cute parents.
I'm so glad my kids get to know and love most of their great grandparents.


  1. So much fun here, Ben and the fishes, swimming lessons, Arrow of Light, kitties--love seeing it all.
    Very sweet photo of Matt reading to his little bro.

  2. I was going to tell you that you need a kitty...then I read that there were some bad reactions...too bad! Love all of your pictures - looks like you've been busy!