Sunday, October 19, 2014

New Hampshire Day 3 OR An Amazingly Gorgeous day!

First of all, for those of you who asked to see what I purchased at Keepsake Quilting I have updated that post with pictures of my scroll down to two days ago to have a look :)

Today was all about Maine and the coast!
I've never been to the Atlantic so this was pretty fun!

My handsome and lovely host and hostess in their matching dyed (a current favorite past time for Ang) Utah State shirts.

Mona enjoyed the ride to the coast.

Our first stop along the beach.  It felt so good to feel and smell the salty sea air.

I didn't like my double chin in this picture so...

...I tried to fix it in this one but now I look even more silly so...

 ...Dan just did the job for us :)

Nubble Lighthouse

After the Nubble lighthouse, on the way to Ogunquit, we whizzed by a sign that announced a quilt shop.  Dan offered to stop and so we jumped on the chance.  
This is Knight's Quilt Shop which is nestled in the trees and yet is just off the road.

I thought this was a pretty cool quilt that was displayed inside.

And here is what I bought.
I purchased my first two batiks.  They seem to be very popular out here in the east.  The lady that sold them to me made me promise to not be one of those quilters that never mixed batiks with other cotton fabrics :)

 On the beach in Ogunquit

Most of the businesses decorate for fall/Halloween.  I loved these two deer.

We stopped and had a delicious lunch at "Corner Stone"

I thought it was pretty neat that they had doors on the wall.

Two Lights state park.
This is Ang's favorite spot on the Maine coast so far.
The light was gorgeous when we got there.

We walked around for a bit on the rocks that looked like huge driftwood

And then sat and watched the waves crash in for several glorious moments.

After a while we noticed some small black things that were bobbing in the waves .
They were seals!  This was the best picture I could get of one since they wouldn't cooperate and just swim closer and look at me.  

Our last stop for the day was the Portland Head lighthouse.  

 We thought it sad that Annie McGuire had been shipwrecked right in front of a lighthouse.

Apparently, Longfellow used to come here because he was friends with the keepers.  It is said that he came here for inspiration for his poem "The Lighthouse".

It is late and I keep falling asleep while I write this so please excuse any obvious errors...and any not so obvious errors too :)


  1. Oh, this brings back memories. Those first two beaches look familiar (as do those deer). Those are my only encounters with the Atlantic.
    Two Lights looks like a beautiful place. The rocks do look like wood, and I love the crashing waves.
    What uncooperative seals! : )
    So glad you got to visit your sis, and New England in the Fall!

  2. Such beautiful scenery and so special to share it with your sister. I love that you girls are able to spend time together - it has to feel great! Love that you are finding more quilt shops too!