Friday, January 16, 2015

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve evening with my family.
We had dinner ...{Andy wasn't the only one that ate but he was the only one still at the table when I got around to taking pictures}.

We played a little Christmas Spot It...

We watched a few Christmas-y You Tube videos on the big screen (including "6-8 Black Men"...a family favorite)  Most of the videos we watched were more spiritual but someone suggested the one above and so we did have a few laughs as well.

Ben tried out the piano...

Then many of us ended up around the piano singing.  My brothers are quite a fun duo when they get going.  James is excellent at jamming and Jo uses his great vocal skills to entertain in hilarious ways :)

We ended the evening by exchanging (and opening) gifts amongst ourselves.

Ben got a stuffed "Maximus" from Grandma and Grandpa.  He loves the movie "Tangled" simply for the sake of the horse and has even dubbed the movie "Neigh".  He seems to appreciate his gift :)
We drove home with four excited and tired kids.  I had made sure all presents were wrapped the day before so I didn't need to stay up late and finish.
Another Christmas was upon us.  It had seemed to come so fast this year.  It comes fast every year...but for some reason it was extra fast this year.

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