Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I'm Back...and Basketball

Wow!  I can't stand that feeling of being so far behind.  It's been a month and a half since I've posted.
December was so busy that I just never sat down and blogged about it.
So now I will play catch up :)
Bare with me for the next 15+ posts...or you can just skip them...I will never know :)

The boys did basketball for the first time this winter.
I only made it to one game each but Andy was able to attend the rest.
It was a good experience for them.
It's a busy time of year anyway and then to add practices and games on top of that was kind of much for me so we will see if we do it again next year...but I am glad they have experienced it now.



I'm sad we didn't get a picture of Josh's team.
I guess I should consider it a miracle that Andy got one of Matt's for me :)

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  1. I am sorry that we never made it to a game. It is such a busy time of year. I remember the sinking feeling when Gregg signed up Jo and James. But he took them to all the practices. I just tried to make some games. : )
    Hope they enjoyed it!