Friday, January 16, 2015

Post Christmas at the Bryan's

Beautiful backdrop at the Bryan's.

Ben climbed up next to his cousin Austin on the couch a couple of times so they could do some serious business on their ipads

Grandma had some serious business too.

The older kids played outside quite a can see their colorful coats way up on the side of the mountain.

They also found a stray dog that Abby took to.

Exaggerating the height difference between me and my two, cute sisters in law.

Jenny, Lyndi, & Nancy.
Love those ladies!

We didn't plan the color coordination.  We just noticed it and decided to take pictures.
My color was a little bit off but they were kind enough to include me anyway :)

Of course, as always, the cousins were so kind to indulge Ben in several games of "Ba, Ooh", or, as it is more commonly known, "Duck Duck Goose".

They are seriously so good with him...especially Tom.

See if you can spot Ben being the "Goose" in the next two pics.
He LOVES it!


  1. Love the guys with their ipads.
    Did Abby's new friend stick around?
    I hadn't noticed before that you were so much taller than your in-laws.
    And I am glad their were willing participants for Duck, Duck, Goose!

  2. So glad you documented all of this! I had better get scrap booking!