Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Ward Christmas Pageant

Josh had a hard decision to make regarding this night.
Everyone loves the ward Christmas party but he had also been invited to a good friend's birthday party.  He chose the friend's party so he will be absent from all of these pictures.

Abby was an angel of course :)

Matt had been asked to be Joseph.  He was excited and agreed to it but then found out he had to memorize lines and changed his mind.  We told him he had already committed and needed to follow through.  We worked with him...Andy even made a clever video of him saying his lines so he could watch it over and over.  He still wasn't excited about it and I was seriously worried that he was going to absolutely refuse to get on the stage and say his lines.
However, he complied and did a fabulous job.

Ben, *sigh*, did not want to get into a costume which didn't surprise me, but yet he was very interested in getting on the stage.  One of his teachers lifted him up next to the shepherds. 

He was as happy as ever just standing there.

He had a little friend join him a few minutes later :)
 He threw a fit when we physically had to force him off the stage.

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  1. Abby seems very excited to be an angel making snow! : )
    Good for Matt. I'm glad he went through with it and had success. Maybe it will give him courage for future ventures on stage.
    Gotta love the little costume-less shepherds. Maybe they are the true angels.