Sunday, June 7, 2015

Abby's Ho'ike (Hula Recital)

This was Abby's sixth year of hula!
I love the beginning of every summer when they have their recital.
There are so many different groups and so many different is just a pleasure to watch!

Abby was involved in two dances.  The first one was a combination dance with rocks and sticks.

I had to include a picture of the boys doing the Haka!  So cute...especially the little 4 year old :)

Abby's second dance was the poi balls.  It is amazing to watch these girls whip these things around.
I am impressed that they don't get them all tangled up :)
This girl with the purple shirt had her chair way out close to the dancers.  There was plenty of space between her and the next chair but even when the balls came whipping close to her head she didn't slide over.  I was really tempted to politely move her over myself so I could get better pics of Abs but didn't have the guts :(

I've been quite disappointed lately with the quality of my pictures when I'm taking a video.
They all seem to turn out grainy if they were taken during a video but still shots on their own are fine.  It doesn't seem like this has always been a problem...oh well, just wanted to apologize for the less than stellar pics.
It was kind of a small group...not as many girls participated this year as in years past.
(The boys are kind of a new addition)

Applauding their fearless leader

Such a fun evening!  So proud of my hula gal!

Whew!  All caught up!
When next you hear from me, I shall be on the coast of Oregon for our family vacation.  (Or, I'll be home, trying to catch up on our trip to the Oregon coast :)

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  1. I am sorry that I missed this event. I love to see Abby dance. She does such a good job.
    I hope the videos come to my house this Sunday!