Saturday, June 6, 2015

Ben's Field Trip

Ben had a field trip one of the last days of school.  His teacher had asked if I would be able to come and help out.
All the kindergarteners (including the 4 from Ben's SpEd class) walked (in the rain :) from the school to...

Of course, as soon as we walked in the doors Ben asked for "why" (fries).
It was early enough in the day that they were only serving breakfast so a hash brown had to suffice.

Ben's friendly bus driver was there having breakfast so it was fun to sit and visit with him for a bit.
He's so good to Ben and loves him.  He calls him "Benny" and tells me often that he prays for him.

In the picture above and to the left Ben is pointing to the play area.  All the other kids were playing but I hadn't thought to bring his helmet so I was very hesitant to let him go.
The food distracted him for a while but eventually he ended up in the slide.  For about 10-15 minutes straight he tried to climb up the slide only to slip back down after a tiny bit of progress.
He never got discouraged...just kept turning around and smiling at me :)

Then we walked to a local pizza place.
We ended up being there for quite a while and Ben became a handful since he wasn't really interested in the tour of the kitchen, playing with pizza dough or anything else the other kids were doing.
There was a large tank of fish that he visited multiple times and we got a few cups of water to drink...and finally, at the end, they gave everyone a slice of pizza.
That made him happy!

Our last stop was the gas station but we were only there for a few minutes before we had to walk back to be in time for the buses.
Quite an eventful morning!

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  1. Bless that bus driver's heart! Especially love that last photo of him looking back at you from the bottom of the slide. Quite an adventurous day for you both!