Monday, July 27, 2015

The 4th 2015

So here I am, trying to catch up again :)  

 These first few pictures aren't really of the fourth but they were the weekend before so I threw them in.  We got together with Andy's family which is a tricky thing these days with his parents on a full time mission.  We found a Saturday that they had off (kind of) and gathered.  We hadn't been together since Christmas and we were still missing two families but it was the best we could do.  
The kids were thrilled to see their cousins again.
The Idaho cousins had brought down a new toy that everyone had fun with :)

Ben, especially loved it!

Jenny even got me behind the wheel.

We had not planned on taking the kids to the fireworks on the 3rd, but, last minute, Andy took the three oldest in the car and drove off to find a spot from which to observe.
He had them climb on the roof of the van to watch...

 Then, on the 4th, we had a bbq with my family and shot off a few of our own out back, despite the wind.  Between us and all the neighbors we had quite the show going :)
Andy had also bought a bunch of glow sticks so the kids came in and had some fun with those for a while.  Ben was not interested at all!

Pretty low key holiday but enjoyable nonetheless.  

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  1. Love the shot of Ben with his arms up. Caption it, "YeeHaw!" : )
    How fun to lie on your car top to watch the fireworks. I'll bet the kids loved that.
    The glow stick photos look like a lot of fun--low key is often the best!