Thursday, February 4, 2016

Prepare Yourself for Cuteness!

I was finally able to meet my super cute niece from New Hampshire!
She and her parents came out for several days and it was such a joy to have them.
This is sweet, little Maggie...

Isn't she a doll?!

The morning after they arrived I snuck away to my parents' house to play 
while all the kids were in school. 

I had to get that shot on the left of the back of her curly little head!

You would never guess that this
little lady is adopted since her hair
matches my sister's perfectly.

That same evening the rest of the family got to come out and meet her too. 

The kids were so excited to see her.  This is their first cousin on my side of the family.

Matt claimed that he had never, ever held a baby before, not even Ben, 
so he called dibs on holding her first :)

She was so good natured through all of the passing around...
and then Andy got a hold of her...

She warmed up after a bit...

While we entertained Maggie (or rather, she entertained us) Angie spent some time with Ben.

To Be Continued...


  1. Oh, it was fun to relive those moments! You got some great photos! Thanks for leaving me (in my nightgown) out. : )

  2. Horray!!! ive been checking back every few days hoping youd have some pictures of sweet Maggie! I cant wait to see the rest!!