Thursday, April 14, 2016

Fun Park and Father/Daughter

It seemed like the kids had several days off of school in February between holidays and teacher prep days etc...

Anyway, my parents offered to take Ben on one of those days for a few hours so we could go do something fun with the other kids without having to worry about him.

The kids chose The Fun Park...something I don't think we've ever done as a family.

The highlight was laser tag.  It was my first experience with it and I thought it was a blast.  Everyone got a kick out of me screaming when they would come around the corner and surprise me :)

We spent a good amount of time playing all the other games as well...

(I think if Andy thought about the pictures I take ending up on my blog he wouldn't make such silly faces when I point the camera his direction :)


We love our little Ben but he does make it hard for the whole family to participate in many activities.

Sometimes we worry that the other kids don't get the attention they need and deserve.

So although this little excursion might not seem worth blogging about, it was kind of a big deal to us.

Thanks Mom and Dad :) 

Plus, anytime Ben gets to spend time with "Bapa" and "O" it's very exciting to him so we never feel very bad about leaving him behind.
That month I helped plan and pull off a Daddy/Daughter activity for the older Primary girls.
We did a Valentine themed Minute to Win It.

For treats we had a hot chocolate bar and homemade cinnamon rolls.

Classic Oreo on the forehead game...

We were thrilled with the great turnout we had...only missing a couple of girls

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  1. We are happy to have Ben visit whenever the family needs an activity night! I need an explanation of what was going on in the last few photos of the fun park.
    Looks like a great turnout for your Daddy/Daughter activity. I'll bet that was a fun night.