Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Quilting of the Green

In March I decided I needed some St Patrick's Day minis with which to decorate
I found this fun pattern here.  It's called interlocking seasons but I renamed mine "Celtic Squares" which I know is the name of another very similar block but I decided to steal it for this one.

I couldn't stop at one so I searched for other Irish looking patterns.
I stumbled across this picture...
and fell in love.
It looked like four leaf clovers.
With further searching, I found that this is a quilt block pattern called Winding Way.
It's quite a bit more involved of a pattern than I was prepared to get into though so I thought about it and decided to cut out fabric pieces with my Silhouette and applique them onto a background.
Also, I wanted to do just three so it would be more like a shamrock than a four leaf clover.

I pieced the backgrounds and tried out the pieces on top.

I put some sashing in but wasn't happy with the center square.

I finally came up with something I liked...
I'm calling this one "Winding the Irish Way"

All ready to quilt!

I made sure I worked on them on the 17th while watching Darby O'Gill :)

I echoed the "leaves" and did some swirlies in between.

For the squares I stitched in the ditch first.  I had had poor experiences with stitching in the ditch before, but thought that would be best for this pattern so with some tips from my mom I went ahead and had a much better time of it.  (I slowed WAY down :)

Then I free handed a pattern I had seen in the corners.

Here they are on display...so happy with both of them!

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  1. You did such a good job on these. I am glad I have seen them in person. You are really developing your free motion skills!