Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Ang and Mags

We had a lovely visit in June from two delightful ladies on their way to Oregon.
We were all thrilled to see Angie and Maggie again!

Maggie went straight for Matt's nose again,

and straight for Abby's glasses,

and Josh tried to get her to go for his watch :)

While we played with her child, Angie played with ours :)

We realized one Sunday evening that we both matched our daughters...

A couple of weeks late but we celebrated Maggie turning one year old...

Trying out her new shoes

Celebrating "Bapa's" birthday.
You can tell by his profile that Ben is trying to help blow out the candle :)

Love that grin on his face!

Dark but cute.
Josh hangin' out with the gals.

Saying goodnight to Grandpa...

We love these two and are so happy that they are now on this side of the country and much more accessible :)
It was so wonderful to have them with us for two weeks before they moved north to join Dan in their new home.

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  1. Such a fun visit! You documented it well. : )