Saturday, July 2, 2016

Some School Stuff

Abby participated in a debate night along with the rest of her SEM group.  

She was in a threesome with a couple of other guys from her school.
It was fun to watch her interact with them as they prepared.

I would have been so stressed out in her situation but she did a great job and I was proud of her!

She was also one of 30ish students in the school to become an Iditarod Champion (reading program).
They did a chant/song for the rest of the school during the last assembly...

Matt decided to participate in the Science Fair with a couple of friends.
They did the good old "Which Gum Lasts the Longest" project and had fun with it.

He also was the narrator in his Spanish classes rendition of Don Quixote.

I was so impressed with his reading.  I don't hear him speak that much Spanish at home so it was quite an eye opener :)

He did a fantastic job!

Well, this catches me up through April but there is still much more to lucky people :)

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  1. Abby did debate? How come I didn't know about that--or the science fair, or the Don Quixote?? I know I can't come to everything, but at least let me know. : )
    BTW, which gum does last the longest?